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9 Incredible Workout Recovery Gifts for Women Who Exercise A proper cool down/recovery is just as important to a good exercise program as the workout that comes before it. These are my favorite tools (and great gift ideas) for cooling down and celebrating an awesome workout. A COOLING TOWEL You won’t know how much you […]

9 Awesome Workout Recovery Gifts for Her

The Best Tech Gadget Gifts for the Woman who Loves to Workout 6 Cool Gift Ideas for Women who Love Fitness and Technology Any gift that makes exercise even more fun is a win! These are my favorite tools on the market today that make every workout more fun and easier than ever to track […]

6 Tech Gifts She’ll Love (for Women Who Love Exercise)

A Deep Dive (Detailed Review) of the Wantable Fitness Edit Updated July 2019 Will having a cool outfit motivate you to exercise? Yes, yes it will. And let’s face it.  Trying on workout clothes at the store really sucks.  (There’s just something extra crappy about trying to shove my thighs into a pair of tights […]

Your User Guide & Review of the Wantable Fitness Edit (One of the Best Workout Clothes Subscription Boxes Today)

A Review of the Best Subscription Boxes for Workout Clothes (For Women) Today Do you feel confident and beautiful when you get ready to exercise? Studies show that confidence affects performance. No matter how you look when the routine is over you need to start every workout feeling confident and beautiful. Let me tell you […]

The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Programs in 2019

The Best Dumbbells for Women Right Now So, you’ve decided it’s time.  You’ve become a the Queen-of-Cardio and you’re ready to step up your game.  It’s time to morph all that soft and supple into hard and chiseled.   Welcome to the party. You won’t regret this.  Adding weight training to your exercise routine is like adding […]

A Woman’s Fast (& Thorough) Guide to Buying Dumbbells

A Comprehensive Review of Sweatstyle Your Step by Step Guide to Sweatstyle Attention, Girls! Do you ever wish there was something out there that would make you want to exercise? It’s a fact that 106.4% of women are more likely to exercise if they feel confident (yes, I totally made that up but you know […]

A Quick Guide & Review of Sweatstyle (A Premium Workout Clothes Subscription Box)

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