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P90X2 Ab Ripper “Engagement–not momentum.” –Tony Horton’s Tip-of-the-day for P90X2 Ab Ripper The tempo in this ab routine is slower than the original Ab Ripper X.  The idea is to focus on engaging every ab muscle with each rep. Remember Ab Ripper X2 is just one of the routines from the P90X2 series: There are 11 […]

P90X2 Ab Ripper: Your Simple Guide (And Why You Should Try it Today)

10 Ab Exercises for Women Get ready to sculpt, slim and define your mid-section with this core workout! This ab workout routine is the perfect way to start or end any other workout you do today. I’ll share a link to all of the exercise tools I use in the clips at the end of […]

10 Step by Step Ab Exercises for Women

The Real Differences between the Ab Ripper X Workouts I vividly remember saying this to my best friend during high school:  “Spring break is next week.  I have 7 days to get a 6-pack…” And believe it or not, I was talking about the stomach I wanted, not an alcoholic beverage. I really thought if […]

P90X3 Ab Ripper, P90X2, and P90X—All 3 Ab Rippers Compared

A Detailed Review of T25 Ab Intervals I’m not a huge fan of Focus T25 but Focus T25 Ab Intervals (one of the Alpha workouts in the series) is a really good core routine that will make you feel a little better about having bought the program. In case you need a reminder, here’s a preview […]

You Should Get Excited About Focus T25 because of This Ab Workout

Perfect Your 6-Pack with Insanity Insane Abs An Insanity Review So, you woke up today and decided:  I really want a 6-pack.  (Not the adult-beverage kind, but some of those fancy muscle-bumps in the belly region.) And what was your solid plan to achieve this shiny goal? *crickets chirping* It’s ok.  I’ve got a plan for […]

Insanity Insane Abs—30 Minutes to Picture-Perfect Abs

Insanity Max:30 Ab Attack is (one of) Shaun T’s Best This ten minute core routine is fun and effective. And the exercises are SO EASY (for about 10 seconds…) But you have to do each of them for a minute. Then after just ten minutes your abs will look (nothing like) Shaun T’s but you’ll feel […]

Look No Further–Max:30 Ab Attack is the Best

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