Try Turbo Fire Just to Get Your Hands on This Workout! “You’re. Not. Tired!” –Chalene Johnson, Turbo Fire When Chalene Johnson says that you’ll instantly find that last drop of energy to finish the workout at a moment in the routine when you think you’re ready to give up and go eat a brownie. An incredible team.  Good […]

A Review of Fire 45 from Turbo Fire (A Timeless Kickboxing-Inspired Home Workout)

A Beachbody Turbo Fire Review of Core 20 The team in Core 20 (just one of the incredible routines in Turbo Fire) will inspire you. I mean, what woman DOESN’T want a belly like Monica (the mother of triplets)? Monica is featured in this video: While Turbo Fire’s Core 20 is fun and has a few […]

Core 20–A Beachbody Turbo Fire Review

Looking for Turbo Fire Reviews?  You’ve Come to the Right Place “You. Are. A. Machine.”  Chalene Johnson, Turbo Fire I have no idea why that phrase is so motivating but when Chalene Johnson says it, you believe it. Fire 55 EZ is hands-down one of Turbo Fire’s best routines. Here’s a reminder of what Turbo […]

A Review of Fire 55 EZ from Turbo Fire

Fire 30 Class–A Turbo Fire Review Fire 30 is just one of the routines in the Turbo Fire series with Chalene Johnson. Here’s a reminder of what the Turbo Fire program looks like: Even though Fire 30 isn’t my favorite workout in the Turbo Fire series, it’s still effective, fun, and pairs beautifully with one […]

Fire 30 Class by Chalene Johnson

Tough Mudder 12-Week Training Template “YOU CAN’T DO A TOUGH MUDDER,” said a bunch of people who you’re about to prove wrong. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a superstar athlete, pro obstacle racer or even all that coordinated to do a Tough Mudder. All you have to be is […]

Tough Mudder Training Template (for Women)-Week One

Home exercise can be a challenge. It’s all too easy to get sidetracked with life when you’re at home. I mean, the kitchen, the kids and the laundry are all just feet away. You can do this!  But maybe you need to add a shot of adrenaline to the way you’ve been doing things so […]

The 12 Best Resources for Working Out at Home (That You Haven’t Thought of Yet)

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