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Athletic Conditioning–A Cathe Live Review Athletic Conditioning is a Live Cathe Friedrich workout that will rev up your metabolism for the entire day. *If you don’t already have a membership to access the hundreds of live Cathe Friedrich routines then GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CATHE LIVE HERE.  I recommend you sign up.   Athletic Conditioning […]

Cathe Live Review (Athletic Conditioning LIVE)

4-Day Split Cardio & Weights, Higher Intensity Step Weights First (Premix #7) is a Cardio & Strength Extravaganza The 4-Day Split Cardio & Weights program has 2 discs.  This premix (Higher Intensity Step Weights First, #7) is one of the 12 workouts on the disc that’s labeled Higher Intensity Step on the cover.  There are […]

A Review of 4 Day Split Cardio+Weights (The Best of Both Worlds)

High Step Challenge has a little bit of everything High Step Challenge has five cycles of exercises. Each cycle has a cardio segment followed by a lower and upper body strength training segment (of several exercises) before you move on to the next cycle. If you’ve never done an advanced cardio routine with Cathe Friedrich before then come to […]

A Mega Review of High Step Challenge with Cathe Friedrich

Cardio Fusion with Cathe Friedrich (An Incredible Cardio Combo) If you’re looking for an intense, advanced step aerobics routine then you’re at the right place. Here’s a preview of Cardio Fusion: Cardio Fusion starts off with two cycles of classic step aerobics followed by power circuit segments pieced together from a couple different Cathe Friedrich […]

What You Need To Know about Cardio Fusion with Cathe Friedrich

High Step Training with Cathe Friedrich is a Timeless Aerobic Step Workout High Step Training is 5 cycles of awesome. CARDIO STRENGTH TRAINING BIG CALORIE BURN This is a total body workout. Here’s what High Step Training looks like: There is one flaw in High Step Training. Cathe doesn’t tell you what weights to use. […]

High Step Training Review (A Top Aerobic Step Workout by Cathe Friedrich)

To the Max Extreme Has a Little Bit of Everything To the Max is an incredible program by Cathe Friedrich. Almost every video Cathe Friedrich releases includes premix routines (additional workouts) and To the Max is no exception. To the Max Extreme is my favorite premix workout in the To The Max program. Here’s a […]

A Review of To The Max with Cathe Friedrich

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