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The Ness is an international fitness method focused on trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting started by Alison Giampolo and Colette Dong. The Ness Digital is the name of their online digital workout library with hundreds of bounce and sculpting routines for home exercisers. After chatting with the co-founders for episode 101 on the Crunches and […]

The Ness Digital (what you need to know)

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I was so excited to review the Body Groove program. Why? Because Body Groove is about as far outside my comfort zone and normal fitness style as you can get.  Which is why I knew it would challenge me (and possibly you) in a good way. At one point in Workout 1, Misty Tripoli says something […]

Is Body Groove right for You? (a review and breakdown)

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Updated 2022 Alo Moves is a streaming home workout service created by the Alo brand. With your membership to Alo Moves you get access to unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation classes lead by their pro instructors. This exercise on demand service stands out in several ways but it’s not for everyone. Keep reading to find […]

My Review of Alo Moves for Home Exercisers

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This is a genuine review of exactly what you need to know about Boss Bands and Boss Loops by Cathe Friedrich BEFORE you run out and buy it. I’m a Cathe Friedrich mega fan. I’ll admit it. If she makes it. I try it. And then I tell you about it. But here’s what you […]

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