What is YogaClub? Yoga Club is a monthly subscription box with workout apparel. But the Yoga Club membership is different than most subscription boxes today because there’s no style fee and you don’t send back anything. It’s all yours. Every month. Let me tell you why you might love this workout clothes subscription box. This […]

An Honest Review (and my recommendation) of YogaClub

Give the woman you love the gift of health, fitness and happiness! These 5 gift card ideas are easy to buy but still thoughtful and unique. I love that they aren’t so general (Amazon gift card anyone?) but made to be spent on very specific items for women who love to exercise. Plus, I own […]

5 Fitness GIFT CARD Ideas for HER (2019)

A proper cool down/recovery is just as important to a good exercise program as the workout that comes before it. These are my favorite tools (and great gift ideas) for cooling down and celebrating an awesome workout. A COOLING TOWEL You won’t know how much you love a cooling towel until you use one. They’re […]

9 Awesome Workout Recovery Gifts for Her

Any gift that makes exercise even more fun is a win! These are my favorite tools on the market today that make every workout more fun and easier than ever to track your progress. Let’s get started… WIRELESS EAR BUDS Wireless earbuds are a gamechanger for the woman who loves to listen to music (or […]

6 Tech Gifts She’ll Love (for Women Who Love Exercise)

Updated December 2019 I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about one of my favorite (and one of the top) workout clothes subscription boxes–The Wantable Fitness Edit. Will having a cool outfit motivate you to exercise? Yes, yes it will. And let’s face it.  Trying on workout clothes at the store really […]

An Honest Review of the Wantable Fitness Edit (One of the Best Workout Clothes Subscription Boxes Today)

This post will help you figure out which ONE workout clothes membership program will be a good fit for you so you can crush your next workout with confidence. Do you feel confident and beautiful when you get ready to exercise? Studies show that confidence affects performance. No matter how you look when the routine […]

The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Programs

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