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A Comprehensive Review of Sweatstyle Do you ever wish there was something out there that would make you want to exercise? It’s a fact that 106.4% of women are more likely to exercise if they feel confident (yes, I totally made that up but you know it’s true). Women take action based on emotions.  If […]

A Quick Guide & Review of Sweatstyle (A Premium Workout Clothes Subscription Box)

Over 50 fitness gift ideas for her! 50+ Tools for workout motivation and inspiration for the female in your life who loves exercise (and needs a gift)! Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are more confident and successful in all aspects of life. That’s why most women today make fitness a priority. Check […]


The Best Fitness Apparel Sites for Women Today Where do you buy your workout clothes? If your answer is any of the following: A. Garage Sales B. I’m wearing the same tights, baggy t-shirt, and legwarmers that I bought in 1983 (after watching Flash Dance 100 times). Remember putting on your legwarmers and running in place […]

The Top 7 Shopping Sites for Women’s Workout Clothes

11 Different Kinds of Exercise Equipment any Woman Would Love to Get I love to help make exercise easier for the women in my life. So, for most gifting occasions I give the women I love a tool they can use in their fitness program. These 11 exercise tools are great for any woman who […]

The Best Exercise Equipment Gift Ideas for Women

Your Workout Legging Gift Guide Here are the best 8 places to shop for workout pants today! Any woman who loves exercise will be thrilled to find a new pair of workout tights inside a gift box with her name on it. Since I own more workout clothes than everyday clothes I’m happy to share […]

Workout Leggings Gift Guide

Five Places to Find Workout Pants (You Can Wear Anywhere) There are at least 2 ways that people repeatedly crush my soul into tiny bits when they wear leggings. Exhibit A: C’mon. Please tell me that you’re not someone’s mother if you’re wearing this in public. Exhibit B: No! No! And hells to the no! […]

Athletic Leggings—Your Guide to Vibrant, Quirky, Cool, Sexy and Practical Workout Pants

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