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10 Amazing Fitness Gift Ideas for Women So, it’s that time again.  Someone somewhere is sitting back waiting to be gifted. And sadly, it’s your turn to ante up that golden gift. All you’ve managed to do so far is narrow your gift idea down to: Something About Exercise. Good job! Step one: check!  Now comes the […]

Ten Incredible Gift Ideas for the Woman who Loves Exercise

Your Guide to the Top Workout Clothes Monthly Boxes Today (And Why You Should Think About Signing Up for One) In this episode of Crunches & Cosmos I’ll answer all your questions about workout clothes subscription boxes and why you might be happy you tried one of them out. I’ll break down the top 5 […]

Workout Clothes Subscription Programs: Here’s Why You Might Want to Sign Up

What is Armourbox by Under Armour? I’m so excited to tell you that Under Armour has joined the party! The monthly workout clothes subscription box party, that is. And they’re shaking things up in a big way! You’ll love what Under Armour is doing with their subscription box program.  There are a few things that […]

Your Guide to ArmourBox (& Why It’s One of the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes Today)

10 Indulgences Every Woman Needs for Personal Fitness (That Won’t Break the Bank) If you’re like me (and I bet you are), there are days that end with a long sigh of relief and a little pat on the back because you survived another day without slapping a single person. These are the evenings when […]

10 Extremely Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Life and Health in 2018

Read This Before You Sign Up for the Fabletics VIP Membership I’ve become an expert at buying fitness apparel. In fact, if there was a Fitness Apparel Institute of Higher Learning I’d be the Headmaster. A National Organization of Women’s Workout Clothing?  I’d be the Prez You get the idea. What makes me an expert? […]

Fabletics–An Honest Review

A Beachbody on Demand Review (for women) Last updated-August 2019 What is Beachbody on Demand? Beachbody on Demand is a membership service offered by that gives you streaming access to all of the exercise programs produced by Beachbody. It’s like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but with exercise routines instead of movies. You won’t be […]

A Beachbody on Demand Review for Women: 5 Smart Reasons to Try It Today

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