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Welcome to week 7 of your training! You’ve made this training a part of your life at this point—Enjoy It! You’ve made it to WEEK SEVEN of your 12-Week Tough Mudder Training! Your reminders: Week One Tough Mudder Training Template Week Two Tough Mudder Training Template Week Three Tough Mudder Training Template Week Four Tough Mudder Training Template Week […]

Have Fun Training for Your Tough Mudder (Week 7 Training Plan)

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You don’t need a gym to train for a Tough Mudder! That’s right, guys! I’ve completed 2 Tough Mudders without ever stepping foot in a gym. If you’re here today then you’re interested in doing the same. This is week five of my 12-week Tough Mudder (at-home) training plan. Welcome to WEEK FIVE of your […]

Be a Tough Mudder Without Ever Going to a Gym

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Welcome to WEEK FOUR of your Tough Mudder 12-Week Training Plan! A Few Important Things: Week One Tough Mudder Training Template Week Two Tough Mudder Training Template Week Three Tough Mudder Training Template Check out the Step One, Two, and Three on About my Tough Mudder Template before you start training.  You need that information to use my training […]

Tough Mudder Training Template (Week Four)

Tough Mudder Info

Yes, You Still Have  Long Way to Go But You Can Do This! Do Not Give Up! Welcome to WEEK THREE of your Tough Mudder 12-Week Training Plan! Reminders *If you’re reading this post you should have already browsed this post: Read this BEFORE you start Training! In case you’ve landed on Week 3 and still […]

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