*Mix and Max is a premix routine taken from the Cathe Friedrich Cardio Fusion program. Here’s a peek at the routine: ATTENTION: Mix & Max has complex choreography. Sometimes fun stuff is hard.  Sometimes fun stuff will make you want to throw things.  I can’t promise this routine won’t make you want to throw something. […]

A Review of Cardio Fusion Mix & Max (You’ve found your new favorite step aerobics workout)

X10 is a total body home workout for women. There’s a lot to this program. Let me break it down for you. Repeat after me:  I love push-ups. There. Now you’re ready for X10. Here’s a preview of the X10 program: X10 is a total body workout.  Intense cardio.  Compound sculpting moves.  SO. HARD. You’re […]

A Review of X10 with Cathe Friedrich

Boot Camp in Body Max 2 is an awesome total body workout for women that has a little bit of all the good stuff you want in a workout. Let me tell you everything you need to know before you try it. If you’ve visited my blog before (*high five* Welcome back!) then you know […]

A Review of Body Max 2 by Cathe Friedrich

The ‘Low’ in the title of this program refers to low-impact and lower body. (This is why I put it the Cardio+ category…you get so much more than just cardio). The entire routine is low-impact.  That’s right—no jumping.  Don’t be fooled by that concept.  This is hard. Here’s a preview of Low Max: ATTENTION: I realize […]

A Review of Low Max by Cathe Friedrich (what you need to know before you try it)

Body Max is an incredible total body workout for women (But is it right for you? Find out here). Yes, this program (Body Max) is old.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s an effective total-body ass-kicking workout.  (And always will be.) Here’s a peek: The Body Max routine is long.  You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do […]

Body Max with Cathe Friedrich (A Rating and Review)

Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Step is a classic step aerobics program. If you’re up for some challenging choreography then you’ve come to the right place. Vol. 1 Step is several Cathe Friedrich step routines spliced together. I burn almost 600 calories when I do this 65 minute routine! Here’s a preview of this incredible workout: […]

A Review of Cathe’s Greatest Hits Vol. #1 Step (the ultimate step aerobics workout)

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