Cathe on Demand and Beachbody on Demand are 2 amazing exercise on demand services for women. They’re both subscription-based services and you get access to their workout libraries with your paid membership. But the features of each program are different. I’m a member of both of them so I’m going to contrast/compare them so you […]

Cathe on Demand (Why it’s Better than Beachbody on Demand for Some People)

A Guide to Exercise on Demand In this episode Mickie explains what exercise on demand is and breaks down programs like Beachbody on Demand, Cathe on Demand and Daily Burn as well as several apps by companies like Aaptiv and Popsugar Fitness. This blog post is a great source for everything mentioned in the podcast:  7 […]

What’s Exercise on Demand (And Is it Right for You?)

Athletic Conditioning is a Live Cathe Friedrich workout that will rev up your metabolism for the entire day. *If you don’t already have a membership to access the hundreds of live Cathe Friedrich routines then GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CATHE LIVE HERE.  I recommend you sign up.   Athletic Conditioning is a total body workout […]

Athletic Conditioning Live (A Cathe Live Workout Review)

Hi Lo Cardio & Core Live is primarily a cardio workout but the core section is the part that’ll get your attention (and the reason you should do this program). You’ll try this routine for the Cardio but you’ll come back for the Core. Here’s a taste of this workout: You’ll need a membership to […]

A Review of Hi Lo Cardio & Core Live with Cathe Friedrich

Total Body Hiit is going to make you so freaking happy that you signed up for that Cathe on Demand membership. Here’s a little taste of this workout: This routine gets deep in all the right places and makes you feel all strong and sexy.  Seriously, when you’re done you’ll want to put on some […]

Find Out Why Total Body Hiit is My Favorite Cathe Live Workout

Beachbody on Demand or Cathe on Demand? If your original plan to get in shape involved signing up for a gym membership and hasn’t quite worked out like you envisioned then I have a solution for you—On Demand fitness. But which on demand workout membership is right for you? There are several out there to […]

Beachbody on Demand vs Cathe on Demand

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