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Taryn Toomy’s, The Class Digital Studio, is an on-demand exercise option in the ever-growing list of paid streaming workout library memberships for home exercisers. The Class style of exercise is kind of like Tracy Anderson’s Method combined with Misty Tripoli’s Body Groove–a taste of yoga, Pilates and free style dance all rolled up into one […]

A Detailed Review of The Class (Digital Studio) by Taryn Toomey

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Genie Tuck Jumps. Diamond Jumps. These are phrases that should make your insides twist up like a ball of serpents. Shaun T uses these Power Moves to ratchet this routine into the rafters. Insanity Max:30 Max out Cardio is a roller coaster ride of ‘Oh, I could do this move all day,’ and ‘Why, Shaun […]

Max Out Cardio—Caution: This Workout Will Make You A Badass (An Insanity Max:30 Review)

Beachbody Reviews

Try Turbo Fire Just to Get Your Hands on This Workout! “You’re. Not. Tired!” –Chalene Johnson, Turbo Fire When Chalene Johnson says that you’ll instantly find that last drop of energy to finish the workout at a moment in the routine when you think you’re ready to give up and go eat a brownie. An incredible team.  Good […]

A Review of Fire 45 from Turbo Fire (A Timeless Kickboxing-Inspired Home Workout)

Beachbody Reviews

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