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P90X Shoulders & Arms The P90X program is for women, too. And let’s face it girls, being strong makes you confident, sexy, and an all-around badass. I’ll tell you what equipment I use for every exercise in P90X Shoulders and Arms.  Here’s a reminder of what the P90X series looks like: I’ll lay out exactly what […]

A Review (and guide) of P90X Shoulders & Arms

P90X Back & Biceps–It’s NOT Just for Men Girls, you can (and should) do this workout, too. Buy Beachbody’s P90X as a gift for the man in your life then ‘borrow’ it for the next 3 months. You’ll both be happy with the results. Worried that lifting weights will be boring?  Guess what?  Sometimes it is. […]

P90X Back & Biceps: All the Details

Ab Ripper X from the P90X Series “What’s really, really amazing about Ab Ripper X is that it gives people the opportunity to get the best, most ripped abdominal area they’ve ever had in their lives…I hate it but I love it.”–Tony Horton Is Ab Ripper X going to give you the ‘most ripped abdominal […]

Ab Ripper X (A Great Core Workout for Women, Too)

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