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Today, I have five things that I want you to stop saying to yourself because they’re obstacles to you reaching your potential with your exercise routine. Do you think your mindset to achieving your fitness goals is at its best? Do you believe that your thoughts are your reality? Because I do. I’ve seen it […]

Your Fitness Mindset–here’s what you’re doing wrong

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Episodes, posts and information mentioned in this podcast episode… ✔What is Body Groove? (And is it right for you?) ✔Beachbody on Demand information ✔Sign up for a free trial of Beachbody on Demand* *The link above takes you to a page to sign up for a free trial of BOD but doesn’t include early access […]

Crunches & Cosmos BONUS Episode (Updates on Body Groove and The Work by Beachbody)

Crunches and Cosmos Podcast

What’s MM100? Morning Meltdown 100 is a home workout program by Beachbody and stars one of the coolest girls you’ll never know (but will wish you did), Jericho McMatthews. Here’s what the program looks like…  Before we go any further let me tell you that you can’t buy the Morning Meltdown 100 program by itself. […]

An Honest Review of the home workout program, Morning Meltdown 100 (MM100)

Crunches and Cosmos Podcast

There’s a team behind your health choices—are they fueling you or draining you? We’ve all got people in our inner circle who might be considered ‘toxic’. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to deal with the people in your life who might be standing in the way of you hitting your fitness goals. This topic was […]

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