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The Step Boss home exercise program by Cathe Friedrich is a combination of classic step aerobics and strength training. But I encourage you to read this full review before you rush off and ‘add to cart’ any of these videos.  These workouts aren’t for everyone. I’ve done all of the main routines and can help […]

An Honest Review of the Step Boss Home Workout Program with Cathe Friedrich (read this before you buy)

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The Aerobic Step–Everything You Need to Know in 2023


The first time you master all 6 combinations in Party Rockin’ Step #1 without screwing up you’ll want to call the entire family over to watch you. #truth Party Rockin’ Step 1 is that kind of workout. But don’t avoid this program because the steps are more challenging.  That’s what makes it fun.   When […]

A Review of Party Rockin’ Step #1 (are you up for this step aerobics challenge?)

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YES! If you do the exact same workout with and without an aerobic step you’ll burn more calories. I tested this theory myself. Read my full study below to find out how I learned that I burn up to 26% more calories in a workout using an aerobic step. I’m going to tell you how […]

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