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Here’s your list of the best aerobic step designs for every woman’s home gym (and workouts) in 2022. These are the top aerobic stepper styles to not only add intensity to your home exercise but also the smartest steps to buy for safety and function. Before you buy an aerobic step you need to decide […]

Circuit Steps vs the Original Aerobic Sized Step (a full sized step)

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*Mix and Max is a premix routine taken from the Cathe Friedrich Cardio Fusion program. Here’s a peek at the routine: ATTENTION: Mix & Max has complex choreography. Sometimes fun stuff is hard.  Sometimes fun stuff will make you want to throw things.  I can’t promise this routine won’t make you want to throw something. […]

A Review of Cardio Fusion Mix & Max (You’ve found your new favorite step aerobics workout)

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

The ‘Low’ in the title of this program refers to low-impact and lower body. (This is why I put it the Cardio+ category…you get so much more than just cardio). The entire routine is low-impact.  That’s right—no jumping.  Don’t be fooled by that concept.  This is hard. Here’s a preview of Low Max: ATTENTION: I realize […]

A Review of Low Max by Cathe Friedrich (what you need to know before you try it)

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

High Intensity Cardio Step Live is a high-impact step workout and a great example of the quality of routines inside the Cathe Live library. There are 11 short step aerobic intervals followed by an upper body weight segment using light dumbbells in this routine. Here’s a peek at this Live Cathe Friedrich workout: If you’ve […]

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