What's the biggest difference between women who are seeing results from their home workouts...

and those whose dumbbells are gathering dust underneath the shoe rack in their closet?

No matter what life throws at her (travel soccer 6 months out of the year, a job that doesn’t stop when she leaves the office, a busy social schedule...even during COVID) you can tell that she’s still working out.

The results speak for themselves.

And you’re just left wondering if she has super powers.

If you guessed that it’s because she’s finally found the ONE ~magic~ program that anyone can stick to... 

You knowTHAT woman…

welp, you’d still be wrong.

And if you guessed that it’s because she has unlimited free time, someone coming in once a week to clean her house, and an organic meal delivery service… 

you’d be wrong (unless she’s a celeb, then all bets are off)...

If you guessed that it’s because she’s got a massive home gym equipped with mirrors, five pieces of cardio equipment, and more free weights than your local Planet Fitness...

you’d be wrong...

But none of them is actually the thing KEEPING you from rolling out the mat, grabbing your ankle weights, and getting to work.

(Side note: there’s no such thing as a magic program...but we’ll get to that.)

Because listen: all of those things are nice to have.

don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how.

to doing?

from wanting

do you go

but how

None of these classes have names that tell me anything. (What’s the difference between Cardio Blast and Cardio Crush? Anyone? Bueller?)

This dance instructor used to be a Rockette. Am I even going to be able to keep up?

Okay, this strength class looks manageable. Oh, wait...they’re using sliders, and I don’t have any.

Never mind...back to the drawing board (couch).

But even when you manage to find half an hour to work out, it’s not as simple as you thought it would be when you entered in your credit card number.

You change into your Lululemons and sit down in front of the TV with your remote in hand.

Then the inner monologue kicks in (you know, the one that sound a lot like your mother):

You want to work out….you also know you need to work out.

So you signed up for one or two streaming programs—a little high-octane cardio here, a little strength training there.

sound familiar?

And even if you do find something you like and make it through, you’ll have the same questions tomorrow…

...How do I build on what I did yesterday? Last week? Last month?

...How do I strike the perfect balance between strength, cardio, and stretching?

...Or upper body, lower body, and core?

Meanwhile you keep getting those little ping! sounds on your iPhone, reminding you that you’re being charged for recurring subscriptions.

It’s enough to make you decide that since you’re already in comfy leggings with the remote in hand, maaaaaybe you’ll just switch to Netflix instead.

After all, you can work out tomorrow. Right?...

Before you know it, you’ve been lost to the infinite scroll and now your time is up. There’s chili to be made, geometry homework to help with, and a few more emails to answer.

In other words...

Working out should feel mentally AND physically good

And most of all, you want to see results—not just cross your fingers and hope that you’ll hit your goals if you log enough time.

Exercise is about taking care of yourself...so if the thought of finding a workout is making you pull your hair out, it might be time for a change...

You just want to be able to roll out of bed in the morning and already KNOW what workout you’re doing today (and why).

You want to be confident switching it up if you’re getting bored...or if your knee is randomly bothering you.

You want to be excited to move your body...instead of feeling like it’s one. more. chore on an endless to-do list.

You want to know that even if you miss a day or two (it happens to all of us...even me), you know exactly how to pick up where you left off.

Just the thought of working out shouldn’t cause MORE stress.



And really, who can blame you?

There’s already so much on your plate:

→ an endless string of Zoom meetings for work (am I on the right link??)

→ supervising your kids’ online classes (can you at least look like you’re paying attention??)

→ keeping the house from looking like a tornado ripped through (again)

→ figuring out what to fix for dinner (why do they need to eat every night?!) ...

But the truth is that we almost all have some time to fit in a workout.

What you need: A plan for when you’re going to work out and what you’re going to do, so that you can make the most of the time you have...even if that’s only 15 minutes.

We’re all tempted to believe this one from time to time.

Reason #1: You think you don’t have the time to work out...

It’s the same feeling you get when you’re standing in front of a wall of shampoos at Target and you have no idea where to begin (should I read ingredients or just pick the prettiest packaging?).

Too many choices, and poof!

Before you know it, your allotted workout time has been used up...looking for the perfect workout.

What you need: A clear-cut understanding of what works for you and where to find it, so that you can skip the stuff you don’t need (or like).

Scientists call it “choice overload”—when you’re faced with so many options that you can’t possibly come to a decision.

Reason #2: You’re overwhelmed by too many options...

But when you see the super-fit (20s-something) instructors that pop up in Facebook™ ads, it’s hard to believe that you’re going to be able to keep up.

And a lot of times, you’re stuck wondering exactly how “beginner” those beginner classes are going to be.

What you need: Insight into how hard specific programs & classes are—plus strategies for modifying when you’re in over your head.

In your favorite group exercise class (remember those?), this was never an issue—the instructor always had modifications.

Reason #3: You’re nervous about trying new workouts because you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up...

Who hasn’t been in this situation?

You signed up for the program a friend from high school was selling. You printed out the calendar that they sent you. You logged on every day and did exactly what you were told.

But nothing happened.

You didn’t look different. You didn’t feel different.

What you need: Permission to let go of what hasn’t worked in the past—without blaming yourself. Only then can you move on to what will work.

After all, you are the common denominator, right? Wrong.

Reason #4: You’ve tried one (or more) programs but you didn’t get the results you wanted, and you think that you’re the issue…

Or maybe your thing was 90 minutes of hot yoga after work.

Or powering through the WOD scrawled on a whiteboard at your local CrossFit box.

But for whatever reason—COVID, a move, a new baby, or even just a change in schedule—you just can’t make the gym happen anymore.

And you don’t know how to replicate the sweat-soaked, blissed-out feeling you got when you finished with all of those hills/vinyasas/burpees.

In fact...you kinda suspect it can’t be done at home.

What you need: Someone to take your hand and show you that even advanced exercisers can get the results they want at home.

You were a front-row regular at Gina’s 6 AM spin class.

Reason #5: You’re not convinced that working out at home can deliver the same results you saw at the gym.

If you think that home workouts don’t get results, you’re doing it wrong

Start feeling a difference in your body—and in the way you approach fitness overall.

Feel like you can figure out whether a workout is too easy, too hard, or (Three Little Bears-style) just right.

Understand how to combine different types of workouts (strength, endurance, HIIT, stretching—you name it) to achieve the results you want.

Actually USE your exercise time to knock out a workout. Let’s save the scrolling for Netflix, please.

Because when you set yourself up to work out (the way I’m about to show you), you’ll…

One that works for you and the fitness level you have (not the one you aspire to, or the one you had two years ago).

One that takes your lifestyle into account: how much time you have, what kinds of classes you like, and even what your budget is.


One that you’ll be excited about doing—because you’re finally seeing those results you’ve been dreaming about.

...but you DO have to sit down and make a plan.

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, you’ve plateaued and need a jump-start, or you’ve maybe fallen out of the habit, you can make exercise an enjoyable part of your routine– instead of having to muster up the willpower to “make yourself” work out.

Before high school, I was a competitive gymnast. We’re talking practicing back handsprings on the balance beam and strength training for hours every day.

I never thought about exercise as a concept because I didn’t have to—I was naturally fit thanks to sports. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a humble brag, it gets worse…)

But when my parents split up, it meant the end of my gymnastics career...and it also meant that for the first time, I had access to unlimited junk food (hel-lo, potato chips and Lucky Charms!)

...I may have gone a bit overboard.

I've never forgotten tasting one for the first time (it was my first sleepover, too...I remember asking my bff, 'wait a second, you're allowed to eat these whenever you want??'') 

TRUE STORY: I DIDN’T eat A DORITO UNTIL I WAS IN FOURTH GRADE.(We weren't allowed to eat 'junk food' in my house growing up)

And I want to teach you to be your own personal trainer.

Hi, I’m Mickie.

Even after high school, I kept finding ways to work out and stay active. I got a degree as a physician’s assistant, but I also picked up a personal training certification.

Over the years, I became deeply invested in home exercise for myself (let’s be real: when you’re a mom of 5, you don’t always (EVER) have time to head to the gym).

The work I put in showed, and soon everyone—my sisters, my neighbors, other moms from school—was asking me what I did to work out. When they found out that I didn’t even go to the gym, they had more questions.

So I started One Strong Southern Girl to share my advice on home fitness with more busy women.

I want to save you from what I call the endless Yay Day Cycle: the moment when you sign up for an exciting new fitness program—and then lose momentum because you’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to actually start.

Because, let’s face it, the New Year’s Resolution approach to fitness has never worked.

I actually love feeling strong and being active every day.

So when I joined the field hockey team in my sophomore year of high school, I had a revelation: 

“Wow, we can see a difference.”

“I was always the ‘non-athletic’ one in my family. I would do Buns of Steel back in the day, maybe go for a jog, but that was the extent of my workout.

Then my dad got sick. And whenever I went to visit him, it gave me a new perspective on things: I was thankful that I was able to get up and move my body every day.

So I started really slow, with a 20-minute workout every day. And with Mickie’s help, I ramped up to 45 minutes. Now I try to do 45 minutes to an hour, at least five days a week.

I go on a beach trip with my husband’s family every single year. We’ve done it for 20 years. And they’re all super athletic—we’re talking full rides to college to play sports. So when I went to the beach like three years ago, they were like, ‘wow, we can see a difference.’

The other thing is that you go to the doctor, and they tell you that you look great, your blood pressure is good, all your benchmarks are good. So I like having that confirmation that everything on the inside is benefiting as well from the work I put in.

The other thing is that Mickie’s solution works anywhere. I travel for work, and I sometimes work out in my hotel room. No weights, no nothing—not even a mat. But Mickie had the perfect workout for me, and I didn’t have to waste a lot of time trying to find something.”

--Kelly P.

What they're saying...

The Vault is a first-of-its-kind program which teaches you how to create a home workout system that’s going to get you the results you want—with the programs you love, in the time that you have.

The Vault


Women who want to take their fitness to the next level...but are in need of a roadmap that will get them there.

Women who are bouncing back from a period where fitness wasn’t on their radar...maybe they just had a baby, or were dealing with other priorities, or had to recover from an injury or illness.

Women who have dipped their toes into the world of at-home workouts but get overwhelmed by an endless list of options.

Women who had a great thing going at the gym...until COVID upended their whole routine.

This program is for any woman who wants to work out regularly at home—but doesn’t know how or where to begin:

I'm ready. Sign me up!

the result?

A tell-it-like-it-is video course on how to be your OWN personal trainer...without ever having to set foot in a gym again.

When you’re not organized, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stop working out (or never start). The idea here is to make sure you never feel like you’re starting from scratch.

By the time you’re finished with Pillar #1, you’ll have set up your home workout space, identified the programs you’re going to be using, and even have done the tech work to make sure you can just hit play.

We start at the very beginning: setting yourself up for success by making sure you have everything you need for a killer workout...right at your fingertips.

Pillar #1
Your Home Exercise Toolbox

Where to start with equipment: If you picked up the phone and called me from the workout aisle at Target, I’d tell you to throw these 3 things in your cart.

• ...and what else is out there: Everything— and I do mean everything—that you might want to buy for your home workout space. We’ll also do a deep dive into two of the key items that my clients struggle the most with buying: aerobic steps & dumbbells.

How to figure out what streaming programs will work for you: The little computer robots at Facebook know you’ve looking for workouts. So they’re sending you ads for obé and Beachbody and Tracey Anderson...but you have no idea what’s going to work for you. Here’s the good news: I’ve done your homework for you. We’re going to look at your goals, look at the options, and find a perfect match (or two or three..but not 37).

What freebies are worth your time—and what to skip: YouTube and the App Store are full of free workout programs, some you should definitely take advantage of. I’m going to share a few of my favorites.

How to handle the tech side: It should be as easy as picking up your remote and hitting play (but often, it’s not). I’m going to walk you through exactly how to get your workouts up and running on your TV.

Here's what you'll learn in pillar one:

This module is designed to put an end to what I like to call the Yay Day Cycle. What’s Yay Day? It’s the day you sign up for a new program, convinced that this is gonna change everything.

The truth is, without a rock-solid plan in place, nothing is going to change. So let’s get to work.

Now that you’ve got the equipment and the subscriptions you need (and the receipts to show for it), we’re going to put in the work to make sure you start using them.

Pillar #2
Your Home Workout Strategy

My Program Stacking Method: This is the core of The Vault—learning how to select workouts you’re going to enjoy doing, and how to combine them into a plan that will get you the results you want.

• The magic of modifying: Ever started a class that looked fun, only to discover halfway through that some moves don’t work for you? Me too! So we’ll get a head start by talking about techniques you can use to modify (even if the instructor doesn’t show modifications).

Realistic goal-setting: So often, our consistency issues stem from setting goals that will never work with our lifestyle. We’re going to set goals that you can actually achieve with the lifestyle you have today.

DIY accountability strategies: This one’s especially important if you used to rely on going to a gym in-person to stick to your goals. How do you show up for yourself instead? I’ve got plenty of ideas.

How to create a home workout space you’ll love: I’m a born organizer, and this is where I dish on how I set up my space and store everything. We’ll also talk safety when it comes to installing equipment.

Here's what you'll learn in pillar two:

This module teaches you new and positive ways of looking at working out so that it becomes a nourishing, consistent, self-care habit instead of just another item on your to-do list.

Without working on your mindset and examining your existing beliefs, it’s easy to fall back into self-sabotaging patterns—even when the other pieces are in place.

You’ve set up your workout space. You’ve made a plan. So what makes this time different? 

Pillar #3
Your Home Workout Mindset

My tips for prioritizing your workout: Hint...this can be summed up in just 5 words: don’t do anything half-assed. I’m going to give you some practical advice on how to apply that advice.

• How to find your Why: Do you want to have more energy to play with your kids? Stop feeling winded when you go up a flight of stairs? Fit back into a favorite dress? We’ll tap into the things that really matter to help you develop inner motivation.

My favorite tricks for quieting that inner voice: We all fall prey to self-sabotage sometimes. But with work, we can learn to stop destructive patterns and refocus on our goals.

Here's what you'll learn in pillar three:

And that’s just the course! But since I know that your health is so much more than just working out there's also...

One of the great things about my clients is that they’re always asking me tough questions that come up as they’re implementing the training in The Vault.

Office Hours Recordings

The MYTH of motivation: When we’re struggling with consistency, we tend to think that we can fix it with more motivation. That’s not true, and I’m going to teach you why (and what WILL work instead).

Stretching: Why? When? How? Do I have to? (The answer to that last one is a big huge YES.) We’ll talk about how to make stretching fit with your routine.

A breakdown of heart-rate zones that you can actually understand. You’ve seen the posters at your gym, but no one’s ever explained it to you before. I’ve got you covered!

My regular Office Hours are designed to answer some of those questions. I’ve stashed recordings of some all-time favorites here, including:

But Mickie I just want to get started today. And I’m worried that if I don’t, I’ll lose all my momentum.

That’s why I’ve created the Quick-Start Guide—so you can knock out your first week of workouts while you’re still working through The Vault.

Plus, you’ll also get...

Bonus #1
Quick-Start Guide

A Weekly Workout Calendar so that you can roll out of bed in the morning and know exactly what you’re doing and what you’ll need.

About those goals...I’ve got a Quick-Start Goals Worksheet to help you figure out where you want to be in 30 days...and what you want to achieve right now, this week.

A video on the basics of my Program Stacking Method: You’ll learn how to combine several types of workouts to feel like you’re already making progress toward those goals.

It includes:

Ever signed up for a new streaming workout service, only to log in and feel completely overwhelmed? ME TOO.

The Backstage Pass offers a behind-the-scenes video walkthrough of 10 popular workout-on-demand services I’ve tried.

Bonus #2
The Backstage Pass

How to use the site, feature-by-feature...and where to find some of the hidden videos that teach specific techniques you’ll need to succeed

And of course, how their pricing works...and any offers I’ve seen that will help you save a little $$

What equipment you’ll need for the different workout types

The styles of workouts offered (no more trying to figure out what different programs mean by “strength” and “toning,” for example)

I’ll walk you step-by-step through:

A confidential and judgement-free Facebook community where you can meet other women on a home fitness journey. You’ll be able to drop your progress pics, share tips you’ve picked up along the way, and ask all kinds of burning questions, like…

Bonus #3
The VIP Community

I bought a mat off of Amazon and it isn’t doing the trick. What brands should I look at instead?

What do you do to get yourself moving on days when you’d rather do anything BUT exercise?

I’ve fallen in love with Shaun T’s energy. Can anyone recommend similar instructors?

Live office hours where you can ask me for advice on challenges you’re facing on your fitness journey

Our members-only Facebook group to share wins, ask questions, and connect with other fitness-minded women

Recordings of all my previous office hours and a growing library of mini trainings designed to bust myths, walk you through exercise fundamentals, and teach you about new tools


My ever-evolving spreadsheet comparing over 30 top streaming workout programs, which you can use to build your own workout calendar

Program stacking templates designed to help you combine workouts and maximize your results


9 modules, including over 30 video lessons, which teach you how to develop a home workout strategy that works with your goals, your equipment, and your budget


So Once You’re in the Vault You’ll Have Access To...

I'm in. Unlock The Vault!

All for $47

All for $47

Here’s the plan:

Dive into the program, find some workouts that make you feel pumped about putting on your sneakers, and hit me up in Office Hours if you have questions.

If after 14 days, you’ve gone through the videos, done the worksheets...and still don’t feel like you’ve taken one single baby step toward the results you want? Then you can drop me an email directly and I’ll refund you the full cost of the program.

I feel confident doing this because I’ve poured so much effort into making it easy to build a program for you. It’s virtually impossible to NOT feel excited about home exercise after going through The Vault.

The “Get Moving” Guarantee


My Facebook feed is packed with ads for streaming workout programs...and every video they show is some 22-year-old model with washboard abs hanging out in plank position without breaking a sweat.

Can at-home workouts really meet me where I am—especially after a year like the one we’ve just had?

I’m going to let you in on a marketing trade secret, but first:

There is NO shame in being where you are. If you made it through the past year in one piece, I want you to take a step back and congratulate yourself.

Sometimes we have to let a few plates drop. If exercise was the thing you dropped to keep everything else spinning, that’s more than fine.


The truth is that the advanced poses (and instructors with banging bodies) are there to get you to stop scrolling...and chances are, it’s worked at least once on all of us.

But they’re not always representative of what you’re going to see within a program. Lots of workout subscriptions have great beginner options in addition to the crazy advanced stuff.

I’m going to help you figure out which ones those are—plus I’ve also got guidance on modifications that can be applied to any program (even in-person classes, for when you get back to those).

What if I'm already really busy with kids at home and barely a free hour in my day to do anything?

As a mom of 5 kids and business owner myself, I feel you. But you don't need hours upon hours to use my methods. The guides and information inside The Vault are not meant to be done in order (unless you want to) like a traditional course. So, I'd encourage you to use each module and apply the methods at your own pace. Changing your life and habits doesn't happen overnight.

I have my shit together in other parts of my life, but I’ve never managed to work out consistently at home for more than a week or two. Are you sure it’s not me that’s the issue?

Take a minute and look back at all the times you’ve had success working out.

Chances are that you had a system in place, even if you didn’t know it.

Maybe that system was taking Janet’s spin class three times a week—and showing up at the same time as your BFF so that someone was always counting on you.

Maybe that system was signing up for a 30-day Pilates challenge, printing out the calendar that came with it, and meticulously checking off each workout that you completed.

The Vault is about building the same kind of system for home workouts, using the tools that you already have.

It’s about making sure that you set out each week with a schedule that’s centered on your goals.

It’s about finding workouts that will work with you and not against you.

It’s not that I don’t want to work out...but there are only 24 hours in the day. Can I actually make this work?

I’m not going to give you a bunch of nonsense about how you have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé (she’s amazing, but she also has help—and piles of money).

But instead of panicking over whether you can do anything at all, I want you to take the opportunity to start small.

If all you can carve out of your day right now is 10 minutes, then we’re going to find you something to do in that 10 minutes that leaves you feeling great about yourself.

Besides, once you get moving again in small doses, you may find yourself enjoying exercise again...and that’s when you’ll magically FIND more time in your day.

But yes: my Exercise on Demand comparison chart includes tons of options that clock in at less than 15 minutes, including intense-but-short workouts within programs you’ve already been dying to try.

Can home workouts really replace the gym?

They can!

(For one thing, I’m living proof.)

I’ll introduce you to some programs that are wildly popular with advanced exercisers...but that don’t advertise as heavily, so they might be new to you.

And I also point out where all the tough stuff is buried within programs that are household names, like Beachbody. (Spoiler alert: there’s plenty of it.)

This sounds complicated and/or overwhelming. Is it going to take me even more time to use your system and methods than just doing what I'm already doing?

If my methods sound overwhelming, it might just be because you feel overwhelmed in your life right now. And you're trying to imagine how you'll add this program to your 'to-do' list.

The Vault is meant to be the ANTIDOTE to overwhelm when it comes to your home fitness plan. It's a system designed to give you focus and clarity on your unique goals and help you align your workouts to be more efficient to help optimize the time spent planning and doing exercise in your life and to help you view exercise as less of a chore and more of a privilege and important way to honor your body and it's abilities.

Also, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to The Vault. It's not something you have to rush to complete. And the beauty of my methods is that once you commit a few hours to learning them, it's a skill you'll use on autopilot for the rest of your life.

I’m already spending $$ on streaming workout programs—and they all promise that they’re going to help me get fit. Why purchase something else on top of that?

You just answered your own question.

You’re already spending the money. And chances are, if you’ve read this far, it’s because the monthly recurring charges from those subscriptions are piling up, while the results...aren’t.

Listen: a lot of streaming workout libraries aren’t exactly easy to use.

If you’re lucky, they might have a program or calendar baked in. But if they don’t, how do you know where to start?

If they do have a program, what happens if it’s too hard (or too easy) for you? Where do you go when you finish that first program and are ready to level up?

You shouldn’t have to rely on pre-made programs or calendars to hit your goals. I’m going to teach you to be able to adapt any program for your needs.

What’s more: I’ve already done the legwork for you. After going through my trainings, you’ll be able to sift through literally 1000s of workouts to find the ones that will meet your needs—without having to spend an hour at a time.

Do I need to be tech savvy to get anything out of The Vault?

Nope. You don't need any more tech knowledge than it takes to watch a You Tube video or download a pdf on your device or computer.

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the program--and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours--we do not offer refunds after 14 days.

The reality? Once you complete and implement our methods, you'll be thinking of a different r-word. Referral.

You have a goal in mind...but you’re not sure HOW to get there. Whether you want to have Michelle Obama-worthy arms, slip back into that dress that was a pre-pandemic fave, or finally get a handle on chaturanga, The Vault will teach you how to build a system that’s goal-focused...and you-focused. Because no one program will work for everyone.

You’ve been experimenting with at-home workouts but you’re struggling to find a program that matches your fitness level. Sometimes you’re even quitting your workout midway because you’re dead on the floor after the third round of burpees.

You haven’t been working out for a while, you’re maybe dreading the return of pants with zippers and buttons (I feel ya), and you want to start off on the right foot.

You’re Ready to Start Getting Results with The Vault If...

You care about getting results—not about just the trendy new thing. Real talk: not everything I recommend inside The Vault is as *sexy* as what you’re seeing on Instagram. But the classics are classics for a reason: you’re gonna feel the burn.

You’re ALREADY trying to work out, but you feel like your time could be better spent. As in, a lot of that dedicated “work-out time” goes to trying to figure out whether you should be doing endurance or strength...then finding workouts that fit the time you have, and the equipment, and that aren’t high-impact...

You can carve out at least 2 hours per week (doesn’t have to be all at once!) to work toward your fitness goals. You can absolutely start small—but if you want results, you do have to put in some time. There’s no way around it.

You’re excited to take charge of your fitness. So often, we let someone (or something) else tell us what we “should” do: a personal trainer. A magazine article. An app. A workout calendar. But when YOU are in charge, you never have to turn to someone else to wonder what the next step is.

You know how great you’re going to feel when you’ve been working out regularly for a while. Notice that I said “feel” and not “look.” Because while appearance is important, I really want you to feel healthier. More energized. Stronger. Relaxed.

If you placed a mental checkmark by at least 5 of the above, then I’m pumped to see you inside The Vault.

So let’s get real:

If Les Mills, Beachbody, or Tracy Anderson already have their fingerprints all over your credit card but you’re not actually working out...you need The Vault.

If you can’t figure out how to combine cardio, strength and stretching (please don’t skip the stretching) into a routine that actually gets you feeling stronger AND looking more toned...you need The Vault.

If you’re convinced that using YouTube, apps, or streaming services means you’re just doing a bunch of random workouts with no goal in sight...you need The Vault.

If you want to hold yourself accountable for doing your home workouts the way you used to make yourself go to barre class 3x a week, then you guessed it...you need The Vault.

I don’t want you to wake up in a week...or a month...or even 6 months...and feel like you’ve made ZERO progress toward your fitness goals. Come meet me in The Vault and start moving in the right direction.


A home exercise SYSTEM that takes your personal needs into account.

By now, you know that the difference between women who are kicking ass when it comes to working out at home and those who are still struggling to start is…

Sign me up!

I'm ready.


customer success team

simply email my

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