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P90X3 is not Just for Men–Eccentric Upper is a Great Upper Body Workout for Women If you’ve watched the P90X3 infomercial then you know this series is for men and women. And just in case you missed it, here’s a short clip: Girls, you must lift something heavier than your running shoes to sculpt your […]

An Awesome Upper Body Workout for Women (P90X3 Eccentric Upper)

A Step by Step Guide to One of the Best Cardio Workouts You’ll Ever Do Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit will be one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever do.  I promise. TIP-If you haven’t worked out since 1980, you might not want to start here. BUT, make it your goal to crush this workout in […]

Your Quick & Easy Guide to Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

An Aaptiv Review–Your Easy Guide to an Awesome Fitness App Crunches & Cosmos Podcast *Please subscribe to the Crunches & Cosmos podcast!  It doesn’t cost a thing!  Just click on the circle icon (with the 3 dots) in the player above.  By subscribing you’ll get a notice whenever a new episode drops!  Thank you! I […]

Aaptiv-Everything You Need to Know About the Number One Audio Fitness App

What is Aaptiv? And why you need it in your life… In this post you’ll find out why Aaptiv is a great tool to help anyone who wants to figure out how to start running regularly or who’s already a seasoned pro. Attention>>Aaptiv is not just a running app!  You can use it for all […]

What Makes Aaptiv the Number One Audio Fitness App Today (A 2019 Review & Step by Step Guide to Aaptiv)

Your Home Gym Essentials Checklist Are you a married woman with kids and a career and not always enough time to manage your fitness routine? Do you ever struggle to maintain your current fitness level or want to get back to the shape you were in several years ago? I hear you!   We’re in […]

Home Gym Essentials Checklist for Busy Women

Awesome Tips and a Detailed Review of 80 Day Obsession (read this before you try it) I’m going to help you figure out if 80 Day Obsession is right for you in this detailed review with tips about the workouts, a list of the equipment you’ll need and information about the nutrition plan that’s part […]

A Comprehensive Review of 80 Day Obsession

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