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Should you buy a Peloton? (Here’s how to decide)

  1. Rene says:

    Also, I think right now they are offering 90 days free for new users if you have your own bike that is.

  2. Rene says:

    I have the Peleton app. I have a Sunny bike. You don’t need to buy their bike to use their classes. My bike has a cadence sensor I purchased from Wahoo via Amazon. The resistance is easy to figure out if you have done enough classes. Personally, I would never buy one of those pricey bikes when you can just use the app ($14) a month and get the same workout.

    • Hi Rene! What a great point. I didn’t realize you could sign in to their spin classes if you didn’t own one of their products. That’s really helpful information! And $14/month is comparable to other streaming workout memberships so it’s definitely a great option to consider. Thanks for taking the time to share this!

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