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Listen in as Mickie reviews the top fitness programs, products and services and gives detailed tips and guidance to help women make regular exercise a permanent part of their lives.

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If you're here because you heard we sell the best aerobic step for every woman's home gym you're at the right place. Use the link below to start shopping.

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If you're a girl who never misses a home workout and are just looking for some new home exercise programs to try out then start here. I'm an industry leader in reviews of the top programs, products and services on the market for women's home fitness.

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On-demand exercise has replaced other methods to become the NUMBER ONE way to exercise at home but...the on-demand services can be clunky and confusing to use. I've put together something that will help you use on-demand workouts easily (hassle-free) so you can exercise smarter (not harder). Click the link below to learn more about The Vault. 

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