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I'm the founder and owner of One Strong Southern Girl. Since 2016, we've been helping women who want to exercise at home. We're an industry leader for reviews of the top programs, products and services on the market for women's home fitness. We help women at every stage of home exercise from just-gettin-started to haven't-missed-a-workout-in weeks. 


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If you're a girl who never misses a home workout and are just looking for some new home exercise programs to try out then start here. We're an industry leader in reviews of the top programs, products and services on the market for women's home fitness.

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I just discovered your blog today, and am enjoying your Cathe reviews. I am a die hard Cathe (Friedrich) fan and always interested to see what others think, and I appreciate your encouraging comments and funny observations. Thanks for writing these up!


I'm in love with your website! I stopped going to a gym a few years ago because I got so frustrated with how crowded it was all the time. I started working out at home but was still worried that I'd done the wrong thing and needed to go back to the gym. Then I found your website and it's made all the difference! I feel SO GOOD about working out at home now! THANK YOU!!


Exactly what an aerobic step and riser should be!

Sturdy and large! Love it. Love the colors. Everything about it is perfect.


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