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Here's the scoop...your workout routine can feel like your favorite pair of jeans --comfy, a perfect fit, and so much better than you imagined! OR it can feel more like that perm you got in 1989 -- overrated, took too long, and not at all what you thought it was going to be. Which one is yours? 

Do you exercise at home? We got you.

I'm sure you've noticed that there's a LOT of info out there about exercising at home--where to start, how to level up, what to avoid, what to buy, what NOT to buy, etc. You can continue to search the interwebs for all the answers or you can get all the answers right here--in one place. You're welcome.

it doesn't matter what stage you're at right now. We have something that will help you.

Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?

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The only podcast dedicated to helping home exercisers! Every episode is created to bring you new ideas, strategies and resources that you can realistically use in your home workout plan.

Crunches & Cosmos Podcast

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