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I take the guesswork out of home exercise for women

3 Step Formula for Creating an Athletic Body with Home Exercise!

Hey, I'm Mickie

I help take the guesswork out of home exercise. Start with my popular FREE training or head over to read in-depth reviews (or listen to a podcast episode) about the top products, programs and services for women's home fitness.

I believe regular exercise can make every woman's life better. Do you? Of course! Let's figure it out together.

My philosophy 

I strongly believe two things: 1) Regular exercise can give you the physical and mental strength to meet every challenge in life. 2) You can get in the best shape of your life right under your own roof.  I want to help you bring all your gifts and talents to this world as the best version of yourself.  You gotta be physically healthy to do that. Let me help you get there using home exercise.

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I just discovered your blog today, and am enjoying your Cathe reviews. I am a die hard Cathe (Friedrich) fan and always interested to see what others think, and I appreciate your encouraging comments and funny observations. Thanks for writing these up!


I'm in love with your website! I stopped going to a gym a few years ago because I got so frustrated with how crowded it was all the time. I started working out at home but was still worried that I'd done the wrong thing and needed to go back to the gym. Then I found your website and it's made all the difference! I feel SO GOOD about working out at home now! THANK YOU!!


Exactly what an aerobic step and riser should be!

Sturdy and large! Love it. Love the colors. Everything about it is perfect.


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