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One Strong Southern Girl is a female-owned and operated business that was started in 2016 to help women improve their lives with home exercise.

Since then it's grown to include a thriving 6-figure product business, popular podcast and signature course, Home Exercise 101.

The mission of One Strong Southern Girl isn’t about helping you do ONE workout. It’s about helping you reach your potential as the best person you can be--inside and outside.

The One Strong Southern Girl family is committed to serving humanity and supporting a transformation that starts with each of us.

Keep reading to learn more about the founder and her personal story...

So, how did I go from a young single mom with no confidence and raising 2 kids on food stamps...

to a medical professional and happily married mom of 5 who founded and runs a thriving company?

By taking radical responsibility for my physical fitness using home exercise.

There have been lots of important milestones that brought me to this point but the most important first step was realizing that my physical fitness was bound to my performance in life.

I believe in tough love and self-discipline.
I believe too many women sell themselves short because they’ve grown up depending on other people to make them happy.
I believe you’re responsible for your own happiness.
And I believe you’re capable of anything you put your mind to.
But you have to make your physical fitness a top priority to achieve your goals.

And I want to help you do that.
Without ever leaving your house.

"...I believe you're capable of anything you put your mind to. But you have to make your physical fitness a top priority to achieve your goals."

I started One Strong Southern Girl after this happened with a female patient…

Lilly was a 58 year old grandmother who’d just lost her husband to a heart attack.

She was depressed and told me with tears running down her face that she had no idea how to pay the bills or take care of the house. Her husband had always done those things.

And now she was scared of what was going to happen to her.
She felt helpless by herself.

I vowed to do what I could to prevent this from ever happening to another woman.

I’d seen how taking care of my own physical fitness had given me strength and resilience through difficult experiences my entire life.

I’d read study after study that showed the powerful connection between regular exercise and a sense of confidence, independence and success in women.

I wanted to run a company that helped empower women to feel strong and independent physically and psychologically.

And to help women understand how powerful it is to take radical responsibility of their own lives (from the inside out), starting with their physical fitness.

Now I’m using my company to help women change their lives with regular exercise.

And here’s how my company is different...

I focus on helping women exercise at home--because I know women don’t need a gym to create a strong and healthy body.

My company doesn’t sell you workouts. Instead my mission is to show you how to build your own home exercise program using all of the best resources already on the market for women’s home fitness.

Because I know that by guiding you down the path of radical responsibility of your own physical fitness--I’m showing you exactly what you’re capable of.

Sound good to you?

Join thousands of women on a personal journey to create the body and life they want through taking radical responsibility for their physical fitness using home exercise.

Here are some places you can get started today (you can click on any image to learn more)...

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The Crunches & Cosmos Podcast by One Strong Southern Girl

More about the girl behind the One Strong Southern Girl brand...

wife, mother, sister, small business owner, YA author

I was a certified personal trainer in my 20’s, I’ve run four 10K’s, five 1/2 marathons, one Warrior Dash two Tough Mudders (so far) and a Spartan Sprint.  And my kids, of course!

Bad cuing in a workout video, when the instructor is off beat, not telling me what weight they’re using, and worst of all…an instructor that doesn’t actually do the workout (stopping to show proper form for a second is ok but don’t walk around the whole time while I’m dying…not cool)

Who am I?

Chocolate chip ice cream & bread of any kind

Favorite foods

Trapeze artist
Stunt woman
fitness apparel tester

Fantasy jobs

push ups
air jacks

least favorite exercises

Pet peeves

Stuff I'm proud of

love, Mickie




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