I help you figure out HOW to create a daily home workout routine so you can create a personal fitness lifestyle.

(Because what works for you may not be the thing that works for your neighbor...or the friend you never talked to in high school)

Hi, I’m Mickie & I don’t sell workouts.

But what if you could wake up each morning knowing exactly what workout you were doing, how long it would be, when you would do it, and where you'd do it...all without leaving your house…

Or Googling “how much weight should I lift?”

Wondering if it’s leg day (also, what is “leg day?”).

Remember people & places? Yeah. Me neither.

...and that was when we could actually GO to the gym.

Nothing is more anxiety-inducing than standing in the middle of the gym in your Lululemon’s “stretching” as you study the muscley dude using the torture device TRX machine so you can pretend to look like you know what you’re doing…

Only to hop on the treadmill for 15 minutes and call it a “workout.”

You’ll never share another gross gym shower again. 

‘Cause the truth is...no matter how many times you sign up for a new streaming workout service...if you haven’t done the work to create the environment for a home fitness lifestyle...you’ll stay in the New-Year’s-resolution cycle forever.

Getting fit without leaving the house sounds ideal...but if you don’t have a plan, it’s a lot easier to move from your yoga mat to the couch & binge Season 15 of The Bachelor after the first 3 crunches.

...even when life feels so damn complicated.

After 20 years as a medical professional, 3 years working as a personal trainer, and 27 years as an exhausted mom (to 5 exhausting kids), I’ve created a method that’s helped me and hundreds of other women integrate personal fitness into their life with simplicity

In order to process the life that was spinning out of control and the shitstorm at home, I leaned back into highschool sports...hard. And I finally found the version of me that was strong and self-sufficient enough to be happy even in the middle of my family’s chaos.

And years later as a single mother of 2 putting herself through med school–I found a way to endure the hardest season of my life:

By waking up at 5:00am heading to the gym and controlling the only thing I could: my health.

The problem was, none of that actually helped.

Exercise has gotten me through some of the darkest times in my life, but it wasn’t until I was a medical professional helping other women that I saw the connection between my resilience and my physical fitness.

In high school, I was a competitive gymnast until my parents got divorced and my schedule became too much of a burden on my parent’s separate schedules. To ease the pain of a broken home, I found comfort in the bottom of a bag of Doritos. (And boys, and beer, and french fries, but that’s a different story for another day...) 

Physically strong.
Mentally tough.

years later...I started One Strong Southern Girl after this happened with a female patient…

I knew that turning on an on-demand workout and doing some squats was not going to erase her grief or give her the immediate skills she needed to face this next chapter of her life, but I knew that developing a lifestyle of fitness would help her become the person she needed to be to take care of herself.

My advice to her...exercise.

I’ll never forget the day a sweet patient wept in my arms after losing her husband, crying because she didn’t know how to pay her bills.

When you take radical responsibility for your physical fitness, you develop the power to take control of your life.

Which is why I’ve made it my life’s work to make physical fitness accessible & achievable for every woman.

You become someone who can do hard things. Day in and day out.

Women who exercise regularly are 98% less likely to struggle with depression and 60% less likely to experience anxiety. Regular exercise is a highly effective way to build self-esteem, no matter your skill level, life experience, or health goals.

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Teaching women how to DIY a home fitness plan that fits their unique life

Being a positive role model for the young girls in my life

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