Well, I don't have any pets *pause for collective gasp from pet-lovers around the world*, or that many photos of me with my sweet husband, and while I could load this page up from top to bottom with photos of my amazing kids, I don't think that's why you're REALLY here. 

You're here to find out why you should care what I have to say about home fitness. 

So, let's get right to it. Shall we?

Maybe find a bunch of cute pics of me with my pets, my husband and all my kids (there are 5).

I'm Mickie (the founder of OSSG)...this is where you get to learn more about me

You're here to find out why you should care what I have to say about home fitness. 

Yes, I have fancy qualifications to give you fitness advice.

I'm a former certified personal trainer and a board certified Physician Assistant which gives me a literal license to dish out exercisey and medical advice (of course, due to obvious reasons I don't serve up individual medical advice, oh, and make sure you consult your medical provider before starting any fitness program:)

But the thing you should care more about is that I've been exercising at home for over 25 years.

And doing it well.

For over 2 decades, I've watched and experienced the market evolve for home exercisers.

And just for the record, the pandemic has done some really amazing things for home exercisers. The number of programs, products and services launching into the home fitness space every.single.month. has been incredible--and exactly why you need someone like me to help you sort through all of it:)

I'm not here to convince you that we're a good fit.

I'm not for everyone. No one is that.

I've tried nearly every product and program for home fitness and can tell you what's good and why.

I launched One Strong Southern Girl way back in 2016.
It was meant to be a home exercisopedia of sorts for women. Inspired by all the questions I'd been asked for years by my own friends and family.

Since then it's grown to include 100's of articles, workshops, a podcast and an e-commerce business (all exclusively for women who exercise at home).

Yes, I sell things. I'm running a business here, folks.
But I also publish free information on a regular basis that can change your life.

Please, listen.
I say this with SO MUCH LOVE.

Make no mistake about this.

How you take care of your body is a reflection of how you feel about your life.

I AM this powerful company, One Strong Southern Girl, and I want desperately to light a fire in you to go after every single dream you envision for yourself.

It doesn't matter what your dream is.

Flexing your outside muscles with regular exercise, makes you stronger on the inside.
It builds up your muscles of confidence and resilience in a way that nothing else can d

I want this for you.

Maybe you want the strength to quit your job, leave a relationship that's not serving you, start a business, or sign up for a marathon.

When you feel strong on the outside, you will feel strong on the inside.

So, yes, I'm a woman, just like you, with SO MANY layers and I've lived such an interesting, cool life with a bazillion tragedies and triumphs.

I'm truly glad that you're here.

That's what I want you to know about me.

Women who will go on to lead a life that inspires their daughters and grand-daughters to do the same.

My company is here to build strong women who are happier and healthier and fulfilling their biggest dreams.

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