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FAQ's for the OSSG shop

How many pieces will come in my order?

Aerobic step platform --> one platform 
Aerobic step standard set --> one platform, 4 risers (2 per side)
Aerobic step bundle --> one platform, 4 risers, one aerobic step mat
Aerobic step expanded set --> one platform, 6 risers
Four risers --> 4 aerobic step risers
Two risers --> 2 aerobic step risers
Apparel or OSSG merchandise --> based on quantity ordered

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What is the weight capacity of your aerobic step?

We don't recommend use for greater than 400 lbs.

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Can I use my old aerobic step risers with your new aerobic step platform?

That's a great question! Aerobic step risers sold with other aerobic step models on the market (including the previous model sold by One Strong Southern Girl) will not fit under our new aerobic step design.

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Is my old aerobic step platform compatible with your aerobic step risers?

This is another great question! Your old aerobic step platform will not fit on top of our aerobic step risers. The One Strong Southern Girl aerobic step platform is the only design on the market made with our patent-pending design that allows the risers to 'lock' into the platform.

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Is there any safety information I need to know before I use my new aerobic step?

Only use your new One Strong Southern Girl aerobic step on a flat, level surface. We recommend that you use a mat under the step if your step is on a smooth surface. Make sure that the interlocking pieces of the risers and platform are all lined up and fit inside each other before using your equipment.

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I noticed a weird smell when I opened the box with my new aerobic step. Is that dangerous?

New plastic (high-density polyethylene) sometimes has an odor. It’s not toxic and it will dissipate over time.

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Is your aerobic step like the ones used in Les Mills and Cathe Friedrich workouts?

Les Mills has a unique style for their aerobic steps so their risers and platform shape are different than ours. However, the Les Mills Body Step, Body Pump and Grit workouts and exercises can all be done using our new aerobic step. (We love Les Mills and use our aerobic step to do these workouts ourselves!)

Our aerobic step style is roughly the same dimensions as the aerobic step used by Cathe Friedrich in her workouts where she uses a gym-sized step. We're huge fans of step workouts by Cathe Friedrich!

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I noticed a scratch/scuff on my platform and/or a ripple in the surface. Do I need to send it back?

We're so glad you asked this question! During the development phase of our new aerobic step design we noticed that we were commonly finding scratches, scuffs, bubbles, small cracks and even slightly off-kilter interlocking pieces on our risers and platforms.

After visiting the factory and speaking with our team of engineers, we discovered that these imperfections are a common part of the manufacturing process, are unavoidable, and do NOT affect the function of your equipment. Remember your aerobic step is meant to be stepped on! Knowing this, we love that each product has a rugged, raw, yet beautiful and unique appearance.

Click here to see some of the common imperfections you may (or may not) see in your aerobic step equipment. (Any imperfections that fall outside the scope of these images are added to our Eco-Friendly Category of products and sold at a 40% discount.)

That being said, if your equipment has been broken/crushed/damaged during shipment OR if any of the interlocking rubber attachments are loose, then please reach out to us so that we can have an opportunity to provide you with a legendary customer experience. Contact information is below.

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It looks like my platform doesn't sit flat on the floor. Do I need to send it back?

During beta testing we noticed that some of the platforms did not sit completely flat on the floor (that all 8 rubber tips under the platform weren't making contact with the floor). After confirming that the surface under our platform was flat we contacted our team of engineers.

The engineers explained that it was most likely because we changed the interior structure of the platform so that it's stronger (there's more reinforcement on the inside) and in doing that it becomes noticeable if the platform isn't perfectly flat after production (while it's not something that would be noticeable with other designs that have a less solid middle section).

The tradeoff is that the affected platforms might appear to have some 'bowing' in them and they may not sit flat on the floor when used without any risers.

Reinforcing the inside of the platform so that it's the strongest on the market was very important to us because the previous design developed 'sinking' spots on the surface over time and that was unacceptable. So, ultimately we made the decision to keep the design as is because this issue doesn't affect every platform and during testing it was not a safety issue when these platforms were used with or without risers in place.

*We always recommend that you put a mat under your step when you use it (unless you're on carpet). 

That being said, if you feel like your equipment is not safe to use please contact us immediately for a replacement. (

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What's up with the price of your aerobic step? I've seen others for far less...

I'm glad you asked.

As you're most likely aware, the process of developing and moving products around the world has become complicated and very costly over the last few years. Some of those increasing costs of manufacturing and moving our products has caused us to have to increase our prices. We're a small business with an important mission and want to keep our doors open for a long time.

But more importantly, we set out to make the best product on the market--not the least expensive one. Consider for a moment what you paid for your last hair appointment, pair of jeans or botox. Is your health worth at least the same amount?

Also, odds are you will never need to replace your aerobic step from OSSG (unless you want another color). How often do you invest ONCE in something with such an incredible ROI?

But at the end of the day we understand that we aren't for everyone. No one is that. It's important to me and my team that you feel good about investing in One Strong Southern Girl. If you aren't excited about your purchase then we encourage you to support another business.

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