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About the Crunches & Cosmos Podcast

The Crunches and Cosmos podcast is fun and full of practical information you'll be able to use in your own home workout program to hit whatever fitness goals you have. I share in-depth honest reviews of the top programs, products and services for women's home exercise as well as tips and strategies for the novice to most advanced home exerciser. You'll walk away from each episode with a new spark of motivation, inspiration and excitement about your next workout.

I'm Mickie, the owner and founder of One Strong Southern Girl and host of the Crunches & Cosmos podcast. Since 2016, I've been sharing insider information about the best programs, products and services on the market today for women's home fitness. I give honest reviews and information you need to know before you buy (or try out) something new to hit your fitness goals. I'm a mom, wife, sister and bff who wants to help you live your best life in the healthiest body.

I’m Mickie- your podcast hostess & your biggest cheerleader

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