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co-founder and CEO of One Strong Southern Girl

139: A Review of Cathe Friedrich's STS 2.0 (ready to get stronger?)

138: Body FX Review 2.0! 

137: 3 Health & Fitness Mistakes to Stop Making this Year!

141: Health Tip! Pharmacogenetic testing (what it is and why you should try it)

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Hey there!

I'm the co-founder of One Strong Southern Girl and host of the Crunches & Cosmos podcast. Since 2016, we've been sharing insider information about the best programs, products and services on the market today for women's home fitness. I share honest reviews and information you need to know before you buy (or try out) something new to hit your fitness goals. I'm a mom, wife, sister, entrepreneur and bff who wants to help you live your best life in the healthiest body.

Your podcast hostess & your biggest cheerleader.

I'm Mickie.

"So grateful for Mickie and this podcast! I've learned so much about how to get in shape at home!"

Kelly p.

"Totally in love with your podcast...been binge listening while walking!"

anonymous listener

"I started listening to your podcast during COVID and it was SO helpful! I've been a fan ever since! Thank you!"

jessica b.

Tone it Up (what you need to know before you sign up)


Our Review of The Fit Track Scale!


Denise Austin: Family, Fitness and Fabulous Projects

episode 140

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