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Is it time to workout at home? Are you trying to decide if you should buy a gym membership or workout at home? I’m going to explain to you why every woman needs a home workout plan in place even if you have a gym membership. 6 Reasons Every Woman Should Have a Home Workout […]

6 Important Reasons Women Need a Home Workout Plan (even if they have a gym membership)

10 Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Home Exercise Routine Today What if I told you that you can have a home exercise program that’s just as effective as your gym routine? Would you believe me? It’s possible.  In fact, it’s easier than you think. Let me explain… It’s completely possible to create […]

10 Easy Ways Women Can Make Home Exercise Better than the Gym

9 Incredible Workout Recovery Gifts for Women Who Exercise A proper cool down/recovery is just as important to a good exercise program as the workout that comes before it. These are my favorite tools (and great gift ideas) for cooling down and celebrating an awesome workout. A COOLING TOWEL You won’t know how much you […]

9 Awesome Workout Recovery Gifts for Her

The Best Tech Gadget Gifts for the Woman who Loves to Workout 6 Cool Gift Ideas for Women who Love Fitness and Technology Any gift that makes exercise even more fun is a win! These are my favorite tools on the market today that make every workout more fun and easier than ever to track […]

6 Tech Gifts She’ll Love (for Women Who Love Exercise)

Program Stacking is the Secret Sauce of an Unbeatable Home Exercise Plan that You’ll Love Do you workout at home these days? Are you bored with your home workouts? Or feel stuck when it comes to picking out a new program or workout? Do you ever struggle with how to plan your workouts to get […]

Program Stacking–The Simple Way to Get Fast Results in Your Home Workouts

Guess What? Not All Workout Tights Are the Same! (I’ll Tell You How to Figure Out Which Ones to Invest In) I’m excited to have you here today to tell you about 5 places you can buy workout tights (that you might not have checked out before).  Plus, I’m sharing a few things you need to […]

How and Where to Buy the Best Workout Leggings (That Are Sure to Make a Difference in Your Next Workout)

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