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The Lumen metabolic device is a fascinating gadget designed to provide personalized insights into your metabolism (tell you if you’re burning fat or carbs at any one point during the day). It’s purpose is to help you understand how your body uses carbohydrates or fats for fuel, ultimately helping you optimize your nutrition and reach […]

Lumen Metabolic Device Review: Unveiling the Power of Personalized Metabolism

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So, I’m a little embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to figure out why someone would invest in cloth fitness loops over the latex design. I’ve been exercising at home for over 20 years. How did I not know this? It got me thinking that there’s most likely a few other home […]

What’s the difference in latex and fabric fitness loops? (how to pick the right ones)


A circuit step is a type of portable step that is often used for exercise. A circuit step is light (typically 3-5 lbs.) and small compared to the type of exercise step seen in most gyms (26 inches by 11 inches compared to 43 inches by 16 inches). You can see the size difference in […]

What is a circuit step? (Pros and Cons)


The workout step (aka-aerobic step, aerobic stepper, aerobic platform, workout bench, exercise step, gym step, circuit step, ect.) is the forgotten fitness tool every woman should own. Here’s all the information you need to buy and use the hottest home fitness product on the market today. What is an aerobic (exercise) step? Exercise step, fitness […]

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