A Review of the Fit Track Scale (a comprehensive approach to weightloss and health)

April 20, 2023

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As a long-time fitness enthusiast (and someone on a mission to lose a few pounds), I’ve been eager to try out the Fit Track scale and app. After using it extensively, I’m impressed with this scale and app (that tracks so much more than your weight).

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fit Track scale and how to use it with the app to get data on 17 different health and fitness metrics including body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass percentage and more.

17 metrics that Fit Track measures

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Using it the first time…

This scale is beautiful. I love the modern sleek (kind of futuristic) design. It’s also light (you can carry it with one hand).

Using it the first time is super easy. Just pop in the batteries that are provided and the scale is ready. Test out the batteries by slipping off your shoes and socks and stepping on the scale. You should see your first weight.

To get the rest of your data you’ll need to download the Fit Track app (Hume).

The Fit Track app is called Hume

The Fit Track app is where everything comes together. The app pairs with the scale via Bluetooth, and the setup process is straightforward and easy to follow.

You’ll get your first set of 17 metrics after you pair the app and your Dara device (that’s the name you’ll see when you’re pairing the devices) and step back on the scale.

The 17 metrics

Here are the 17 metrics the scale measures for you:

  • Metabolic Age
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Muscle Weight
  • Body Water Percentage
  • Muscle Mass Percentage
  • Body Weight
  • Protein Rate
  • Body Mass Index
  • Bone Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Weight Without Fat
  • Protein Mass
  • Subcutaneous Fat
  • Standard Weight
  • Weight Control

So, what’s a girl to do with all of this data?

Personally, I tapped through each measurement on the app to learn more about each one of them and took note of where I stood in the range of normal.*

*Your measurements are displayed in the app using a color-coded system (I love this!). Green is good (standard) and red, blue and yellow are outside the standard range.

Then, based on what each piece of data is tracking, I decided which points of data were the most important to me personally.

It’s a lot of information. But all of it’s important.

If you’re like me, you’ve likely never known where you stand when it comes to much of this data so be prepared psychologically for a moment to celebrate the things you’re doing well and doing some self-reflecting on where you need to improve.

Using the Fit Track app…

The Hume app has a lot of bells and whistles.

Definitely take a few minutes to tap on everything and figure out how to use it.

Here are a few important tips…

One of the first things you need to do is tap on the bottom tab labeled ‘Me’ and then hit the gear icon in the top right corner of your Profile page to adjust the units used in the app. This is where you’ll change kg to lbs. and km to miles, etc.

The ‘Home’ tab is where you’ll find your overall health score. But you’ll need to input data to get this. Tap on each of the 3 rings (activity, sleep, nutrition) and add your information using the plus sign in the top right corner. (The 4th ring is a breakdown of your health score over time.)

Make sure you check out the tab labeled ‘Plans’.

These are workout plans and classes.

I love the filters you can use to find a class.

So, how does Fit Track work?

That’s a great question! (And exactly what I wanted to know)

When standing on the FitTrack scale, a low & safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet. This signal passes quickly through the water found in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance is measured and inputted into scientifically validated FitTrack equations to calculate body composition measurements.

Fit Track dot com (home page)

Things I love about the Fit Track system…

The app has a clean and user-friendly interface that displays all your data in a clean and informative way. You can easily view your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and hydration level over time in charts and graphs, which helps track your progress and identify trends.

I love the Fit Track system’s ability to provide personalized insights and recommendations based on your data. It offers practical suggestions on how you can improve your health and fitness, such as setting goals for weight loss, muscle gain, or hydration levels.

It also provides helpful tips on nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness, which can be invaluable in guiding your fitness journey.

Another aspect that sets the Fit Track app apart is its integration with other health and fitness apps, such as Apple Health and Google Fit.

It automatically syncs your data with these apps, allowing you to have a comprehensive view of your fitness progress in one place.

The ability to track your steps, workouts, and sleep alongside your body composition data gives you a holistic understanding of your health and can help you make informed decisions about your fitness routine.

Additionally, the Fit Track app offers a social aspect, allowing you to connect with friends and family who are also using the app.

You can share your progress, compete in challenges, and offer encouragement to each other, which adds a fun and motivational element to your fitness journey.

And the Fit Track system is the best option on the market compared to other similar products:

Things that could be better about the Fit Track system…

As I’ve been using the Fit Track system (the scale and app), the only time I’ve felt any frustration was with the overall learning curve of the app.

You’ll need to get used to adding in the values you want to track over time (your activity level, nutrition, sleep, and hydration) and decide how you want to approach all of the information.

My recommendation is that you don’t get too hung up on values that are confusing for you but rather focus on the ones you understand and know you need to improve.

Who will LOVE using the Fit Track system?

The Fit Track scale is ideal for people who are serious about tracking their fitness progress and are looking for a comprehensive solution to monitor their body composition. It’s ideal for a wide range of users, including:

Fitness Enthusiasts: If you’re someone actively working towards fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, or improving overall health, the Fit Track scale and app can provide valuable insights to help you monitor your progress and make informed decisions about your fitness routine.

Health-Conscious People: If you’re interested in keeping track of your body composition for health reasons, such as managing body fat percentage, bone mass, or hydration levels, the Fit Track scale can provide accurate measurements and help you maintain a holistic view of your health.

Data-Driven People: If you like to analyze and track data, the Fit Track app provides comprehensive data visualization, charts, and graphs to help you monitor trends and patterns in your body composition over time.

Tech-Savvy Users: The seamless integration of the Fit Track app with other health and fitness apps, such as Apple Health and Google Fit, makes it an excellent choice for users who appreciate technology and want to have a consolidated view of their health data in one place.

Socially-Motivated Users: If you’re someone who enjoys a social aspect to fitness tracking, the Fit Track app’s social features, such as connecting with friends, sharing progress, and participating in challenges, can provide additional motivation and accountability.

The Fit Track system is great for fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, data-driven users, tech-savvy individuals, and socially-motivated users who want a comprehensive solution to track their body composition and fitness progress.

Overall, the Fit Track system has been a game-changer for me in tracking my fitness progress.

I’m a data nerd and I love watching the numbers change over time.

The scale seems to provide accurate and consistent measurements, and the app offers valuable insights, recommendations, and social features that have helped me stay motivated and focused on my health and fitness goals.

I recommend the Fit Track scale and app to anyone looking to take their fitness tracking to the next level.

Where to get more information about investing in and using Fit Track

Click here to learn more (Tip–>make sure you scroll to the bottom of the home page and browse the FAQ section)!*

*Get 20% off your purchase with my discount code: STRONGSOUTHERNGIRL

And you can learn more about using your Fit Track system on their YouTube channel.

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