An Honest Review of Cathe on Demand + Cathe Live (a streaming workout library for women who workout at home)

February 21, 2024

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I’ve tested out almost 30 different exercise on demand services and Cathe Friedrich’s on demand library is one of the best. You have 2 main options for membership but I recommend the combo with Cathe on Demand plus Cathe Live. Let me tell you the features I love about this service and the one thing you need to know about before you sign up. (It’s not a dealbreaker.)

*Exercise on demand is a phrase used to describe a membership you sign up for to gain access to a library of workout routines available only to members of the service.

What is Cathe on Demand?

Cathe on Demand is the paid streaming workout service created by pro instructor Cathe Friderich.

The Cathe on Demand library is full of routines from all of the workout videos made by Cathe Friedrich. These are the professional, polished and edited workouts that are sold individually on different shopping platforms as well as Cathe’s site.

What is Cathe Live?

Cathe Live is a library of workout routines that are recorded live from Cathe’s home studio in New Jersey and then uploaded into the Live library.

You need the Cathe on Demand and Cathe Live app (as well as a paid membership) to access both libraries.

How much is Cathe on Demand (and Cathe Live)?

There are 2 different main membership options:

Cathe Live-$9.97/month

Cathe on Demand + Live-$19.97/month

You can also pay for a 6-month or 12-month membership:

cathe on demand plus live payment options
payment options for Cathe On Demand and Cathe Live

What kinds of workouts are inside the Cathe on Demand and Live libraries?

You’ll find a lot of different workout styles, lengths and intensities inside both workout libraries.

Cathe does low-impact, high-impact, kickboxing, strength training, core workouts, barre, circuits, aerobic step, HiiT, and lots more different styles of routines.

Cathe specializes in offering tons of variety.

You can usually figure out what kind of routine you’ll be doing with the title of the Live workout and with the workout description of the On Demand routines.

Who’s the instructor? Is there a team doing the workout with you?

Every workout inside Cathe Live and Cathe on Demand is led by Cathe Friedrich.

You’ll almost always find a team of amazing female athletes (occasionally you’ll see a guy inside the Live studio) working out along with Cathe.

How long are the workouts?

The average length of Cathe’s workouts are around 45 minutes but you’ll have a LOT of options if you’re looking for something longer and/or shorter.

Do you need equipment?

There aren’t many Cathe Friedrich routines that don’t use equipment.

If you have dumbbells, a mat and an aerobic step you’ll be able to do hundreds of Cathe’s workouts (from either library), and this is the equipment I’d start with if you want to try out her service.

If you want to know what equipment you’d need to do every single Cathe Friedrich workout the list would include: dumbbells of various sizes, a mat, aerobic step, an exercise loop, an exercise band, stability ball, tubing (the kind with handles), a barbell and discs.

Do you need a lot of space?

You won’t need more space than most home workouts require to do any of Cathe’s workouts (there are a few exceptions to this rule but the majority of workouts won’t need you to make more room than you usually have to exercise at home).

Is the choreography complicated?

It depends on the workout.

The traditional aerobic step workouts have some challenging (advanced) choreography (if you’re not used to doing step aerobics).

The rest of her workouts don’t use complicated footwork and Cathe is a master at cueing.

How is Cathe on Demand/Live different than other on demand services (like Beachbody on Demand)?

Cathe on Demand/Live sets itself apart in a few ways:

She’s the instructor of every video. Most on demand services have a variety of instructors.

Cathe uses a lot of equipment. This is what I love about her but might be a deal breaker for other people.

Most of Cathe’s workouts are for the advanced home exerciser. Most workout libraries have a modifier or beginner category of workouts. Cathe doesn’t.

Who is this on demand service ideal for?

If you want a challenge, lots of variety and don’t mind buying some exercise equipment (and you’re not a brand new exerciser) then I recommend you sign up for this service and give it a try.

How do you sign up?

Great question.

I’ve written two posts that’ll help you with that:

How to Sign Up for Cathe on Demand or Cathe Live

How to Use your Cathe on Demand or Cathe Live membership

Click here to head over to the sign up page on Cathe’s website.

Is the App easy to use? Is it easy to cancel your membership?

Yes, the apps for each service are user friendly.

You can cancel your membership at any time inside your account.

Should you sign up for the combination library of Cathe on Demand Plus Live or just Cathe Live?

I recommend you sign up for the the combo membership because the workouts are so different.

The professionally produced videos are incredible. Cathe’s team of exercisers will inspire you as much as Cathe does exercising in perfect sync (and perfect hair and makeup).

And I’ve fallen in love with exercising with Cathe’s live studio workouts.

I never expected it to happen but there’s something I love about seeing all the normal women (just like you and me) who show for their daily workout in Cathe’s studio.

It’s so raw and real. Cathe makes mistakes, loses count and gets offbeat. Her studio is full of inspiring women of all ages and ability and it’s become something I look forward to every week.

I forgot to mention that you can do Cathe’s live workout as it’s being recorded every Thursday morning.

Should you use Cathe on Demand/Live or another on demand service?

I think it’s important to challenge yourself.

If you’re brand new to home exercise (or regular exercise at all), then don’t start with Cathe Friedrich.

If you’re only looking for dance workouts then you won’t like this service (there aren’t any dance style routines).

If you’re anyone else then you should try this out. Her routines are very easy to modify up or down and you’ll have a goal (to keep up with Cathe and her team).

How could Cathe on Demand/Live improve?

The main thing that Cathe doesn’t have is a free trial period.

IMPORTANT UPDATE-I recently asked Cathe Friedrich on Instagram if she’d be rolling out a free trial period of her on demand subscription. ‘We’ve always had a 7-day free trial period,’ was her response.

Wait, WHAAAT!?

I have NO PROBLEMS admitting when I’m wrong and I’m thrilled to admit that there IS a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD (apparently has been one all along) before you’re charged for your new membership to Cathe on Demand!

So, you officially have ZERO reasons to pass up a test drive of this on demand membership.

*I still can’t find information about the free trial period on the website but it might not show up until you begin the sign up process.

PRO TIP-The workaround for anyone who really wants a free trial period is to have someone buy you a gift certificate for a month of membership.

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