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The workout step (aka-aerobic step, aerobic stepper, aerobic platform, workout bench, exercise step, gym step, circuit step, ect.) is the forgotten fitness tool every woman should own. Here’s all the information you need to buy and use the hottest home fitness product on the market today. What is an aerobic (exercise) step? Exercise step, fitness […]

Your Aerobic Exercise Step Guide 2022 (It’s not your mom’s aerobic step anymore)

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In this day where you can stream any movie, TV show, or baby animal doing funny people-things it’s time to start streaming your workout videos, too. Cathe Friedrich has one of the best On Demand fitness service. Let me explain… Cathe Friedrich, an ACE (American Council on Exercise)-certified instructor since 1986 and a member of […]

How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand (A Review and Step by Step Guide)


Do you workout at home these days? Are you bored with your home workouts? Or feel stuck when it comes to picking out a new program or workout? Do you ever struggle with how to plan your workouts to get total body results? I’m going to tell you one of the ways to make a […]

Program Stacking–The Simple Way to Get Fast Results in Your Home Workouts


What’s your vision of success when it comes to your exercise routine? Is it about hitting certain physical goals? Showing up a certain number of times? Lasting longer in the hardest workout you have? Progressing to a specific weight in your strength training? Finally squeezing into the jeans you wore in 1991? You have a […]

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