5 Important Health & Fitness Articles for Women

May 8, 2018

should you set up your home gym in your garage? here's what you need to know

should you buy a peloton? here's how to decide

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I’m always looking for articles on the latest research in the fitness and health industry as well as posts with reliable information on current trends and topics about exercise in general, that I can share with you.

Here’s the latest stuff that I found interesting, informative and useful in the world of fitness and health…

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5 Tips for Staying Accountalbe to Health Goals at Work by ACE

5 Tips for Staying Accountable to Health and Fitness Goals at Work

This is a quick read with 5 actionable steps you can take to try and maintain your healthy lifestyle when you might be surrounded by people who don’t share those goals.

Posted by the American Council on Exercise and written by a certified personal trainer and health coach, this article has practical advice you’ve probably heard before but might need to be reminded about.

I personally like tips 2 (Find a Partner) and 4 (Plan and Prep).

Read the full article to find out the other 3 tips.

New Recommendations and Warnings Regarding the Safety of Energy Drinks by ACSM

New Recommendations and Warnings Regarding the Safety of Energy Drinks

This article posted on the American College of Sports Medicine site is an important notice for athletes and parents.

The official statement (warning) issued by ACSM says:

“Our review of the available science showed that excessive levels of caffeine found in energy drinks can have adverse effects on cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, renal and endocrine systems, as well as psychiatric symptoms… users are generally unaware of the many potential adverse reactions that could have long-term effects, some of which are quite serious…”

Read the recommendations and full post

Ultimate Guide to Probiotics and Athletes by Simplifaster

Ultimate Guide to Probiotics for Sport

Over the last year the word ‘probiotics’ has become as popular as the term crossfit.  But do you really know what a probiotic is?

Odds are, you don’t really understand exactly what they are or why you need them.

This thorough article will fill in all the gaps in your probiotics knowledge.

Full disclosure— I kinda glazed over and started thinking about my weekend when I was reading some of this article because it’s really, really thorough.  (But it’s good and worth your time to read.)

TIP-Read the subheadings and find the sections of information most helpful to you.  The section titled, Should We Supplement with Probiotics? is especially informative.

Check out the full Guide to Probiotics for Sport

Is the Keto Diet Bad for You? by Shape

Is the Keto Diet Bad for You?

After a friend of mine recently wound up in the ER after following a strict keto diet I began to research the topic more.  Before you begin any diet that has strict dietary exclusions or high intakes of specific types of food you need to do your research.

This article from Shape magazine is a great look at the history and downside of the keto diet.  Anyone about to embark on a keto plan should read it.

Check out the full article, Is the Keto Diet Bad for You?

5 Surprising Myths and Facts about Sweating by Cathe Friedrich

5 Surprising Myths and Facts About Sweating

As a medical professional I didn’t think I’d learn anything new from this article but I was wrong!  Some truths you’ll find out in this interesting post:

Do You Sweat More When You’re in Bad Shape?

Do Men Sweat More than Women?

Does More Sweating Mean You’re Burning More Calories?

If You’re Overweight Are You More At Risk of Overheating?

Does Sweating Help You Eliminate Toxins?

Make sure you read the closing paragraph in this post for some great tips about hydration during exercise. 

Read the full post, 5 Surprising Myths and Facts about Sweating

Have an amazing day!


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