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A Review (and guide) of P90X Shoulders & Arms

September 4, 2018

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I’m going to tell you exactly what you’re going to see in P90X Shoulders & Arms, how long it’ll take you to do it, how many calories I burn, and a few places you can compare prices for the P90X program.

The P90X program is for women, too.

And let’s face it girls, being strong makes you confident, sexy, and an all-around badass.

I’ll tell you what equipment I use for every exercise in P90X Shoulders and Arms. 

Here’s a reminder of what the P90X series looks like:

Let’s get started…

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the cover of the P90X video with Tony Horton doing a shoulder fly and text overlay that says P90X Shoulders & Arms Grab your weights, girls it's not just for men

Instructor-Tony Horton


Equipment-This will be individual to each person but I use a set of 8, 10, 12, & 15 lb dumbbells, a mat, and a high step or chair (make it a solid chair, not a folding chair (it’s for tricep dips), sometimes I use the coffee table)

Attention Girls-Check out my favorite colored dumbbells.  Who wouldn’t want a pair of blue or green weights?

Length-59 minutes

HRM-239 calories


My rating– A

The Important Stuff about P90X Shoulders & Arms

P90X Shoulders & Arms is for your biceps, triceps, and shoulders

There are 5 sets of three exercises. You do them all and then repeat them. I usually go up in weight and down in reps on the second set but you don’t have to follow that pattern.

There’s one guy using an exercise band for all the moves. Watch him if you only have a band.  If you have dumbbells use them.  The band is not ideal for all the exercises.

There’s a girl, Dreya Weber, in Tony’s crew. She’s a badass.  I’m sure she’s going down in weight for this video.  I’d watch what she’s using as your reference point (if you’re a woman) but I always use the next weight up from her.

There’s a countdown clock. I love that!

You do this entire workout at your own pace. Push yourself.  It’s easy to wimp out early when you’re pacing yourself.

The guys in this workout are trying to bulk up. If you just want to get sculpted and lean then use a weight you can handle for the entire run of the clock.  If you want to bulk then you can max out your weight and do less reps.

Tony walks around posing a lot. Get used to it.  He’ll grow on you.

The weights I’m putting in this review are what I use when I do this workout. It’s meant to help you pick your weights.  Modify as you need to.

I like that I can do this video during my lunch break or during the day and not have a red face or keep sweating for several hours afterwards. Sometimes that matters.


The first 10 minutes of the video is a warm-up and stretch.

Tony does some uninteresting but easy moves to get your blood flowing.

Then you do some static and dynamic stretches for your upper body.  This section drags.  It doesn’t need to be 10 minutes long.  You’ll be tempted to fast-forward through it but don’t.  You need to warm-up and stretch.  Ten minutes isn’t that long.  We all spend more time than that standing in line to buy a donut.

The Main Workout (The Exercises in P90X Shoulders & Arms)

Part I

Alternating Shoulder Presses

Set One- 15 reps with 12 lbs (remember this is what I use to do this workout)

Set Two- 13-15 with 15 lbs.

In & Out Bicep Curls

Set One- 16 reps with 10 lbs.

Set Two- 16 reps with 12 lbs.

Double-Arm Tricep Kickbacks

Set One- 15 reps with 8 lbs.

Set Two- 13-15 reps with 10 lbs.

Water/Stretch Break

Part II

Deep Swimmer’s Press

Set One- 15 with 10 lbs.

Set Two- 12 with 12 lbs.

Full Supination Concentration Curls

Set One- 12 with 12 lbs.

Set Two- 10-12 with 15 lbs.

Chair Dips (I do the straight-leg version)

Set One- 20 reps (keep your butt close to the chair and max out reps)

Set Two- 18 reps

Water/Stretch Break

Part III

Upright Rows

Set One- 15 reps with 12 lbs.

Set Two- 12-15 with 15 lbs.

Static Arm Curls (everyone does 16 reps)

Set One- 16 with 10 lbs.

Set Two- 16 with 8 or 10 lbs.

Flip Grip Twist Kickback

Go slow, my weight skims my hip with these

Set One- 16 with 8 lbs. (plan to move your thumb every time you flip your grip)

Set Two- 12 with 10 lbs.

Water/Stretch Break

Part IV

Seated Shoulder Fly

Try to omit any swing or bounce motion; hit solid end points at the top of the lift

Set One- 16 with 5 lbs.

Set Two- 16 with 8 lbs.

Crouching Cohen Curls

Stick your butt out and try not to round your back, your head should not be pointing completely upside down; you may need to use the wall, that’s ok, it’s not a cop out and it will help you with your form

Set One- 15 with 10 lbs.

Set Two- 12 with 12 lbs.

Lying Down Tricep Extensions

Pick a weight you can handle; remember you’re lifting a weight over your head.  Don’t be dumb and pick something that has no business being over your head

Set One- 15 reps with 10 lbs.

Set Two- 12 reps with 12 lbs.

Water/Stretch Break

Part V

Straight Arm Shoulder Flys

Set One- 16 reps with 8 lbs.

Set Two- 16 reps with 8 lbs.

Congdon Curls

Set One- 12-15 reps with 12 lbs.

Set Two- 10 reps with 15 lbs.


You’ll need your mat for these.  You may have to work on finding a position that doesn’t hurt your hip.  Don’t drop down onto your shoulder after each rep.  Stop if you can’t lower yourself gently.

Set One- 15 each side

Set Two- 15 each side

Cool Down/Stretch

This section is about 4 minutes.  Make sure you do it.  You’re going to be sore.  You need to stretch your upper body while it’s still warm.

Now What?

I really like P90X Shoulders & Arms for women.  It’s really sexy to have sculpted arms and shoulders and this video is great for that.  I like to throw this routine in once a week if I’ve already done a lot of cardio and neglected to do any strength training.

You can find P90X Shoulders & Arms by Beachbody on Amazon in the P90X family of videos and also in the library of workouts in a membership to Beachbody on Demand (BOD).  (There’s a FREE trial period!)

I love my BOD membership.  

You get access to all three P90X programs!  

You can read more about it in this post, Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try.

Thanks for reading!


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