The Work is one of the latest programs by Beachbody. It’s created around a 6-week calendar of workouts lead by Amoila Cesar (whose style is a mix of Shaun T and Jillian Michaels). I love this program but it’s not for a beginner. Let me tell you what equipment you’ll need, what that ‘explicit’ rating […]

An Honest Review of The Work (by Beachbody)

a screen shot of Sagi Kalev and a girl doing a plank in Body Beast

Girls, listen up. What if I told you that Body Beast is NOT just for men? Don’t avoid lifting weights because you think you’ll get ‘thick’.  A good milkshake is thick.  Your body won’t get that way unless you’re lifting too many shakes (and not enough dumbbells). Here’s a reminder of what the Body Beast program […]

Is Body Beast for Women? (A Body Beast Workout Review)

a close up of Shaun T inside the Max Out Cardio workout

Genie Tuck Jumps. Diamond Jumps. These are phrases that should make your insides twist up like a ball of serpents. Shaun T uses these Power Moves to ratchet this routine into the rafters. Insanity Max:30 Max out Cardio is a roller coaster ride of ‘Oh, I could do this move all day,’ and ‘Why, Shaun […]

Max Out Cardio—Caution: This Workout Will Make You A Badass (An Insanity Max:30 Review)

What’s MM100? This content was also featured on an episode of the Crunches and Cosmos Podcast. You can listen in right here: Morning Meltdown 100 is one of the newest workout programs by Beachbody and stars one of the coolest girls you’ll never know (but will wish you did), Jericho McMatthews. Here’s what the program […]

An Honest Review of Morning Meltdown 100 (MM100)

“Insanity The Asylum will take you from average to elite in just 30 days.” –Beachbody, Insanity the Asylum What’s your favorite sport?  Track/Field? Baseball? Wrestling? Basketball? Speed Skating?  Football? Surfing? Game day uses these sports (as well as Swimming, Soccer, and Tennis) as inspiration for tons of unique exercises. You don’t have to be a […]

A Review of Insanity Asylum Game Day Workout

So, what’s the Transform 20 program all about? Who’s it for? Do you have to have an aerobic step to do the workouts? Are all the routines just cardio? I’ve done every workout in the 6-week, 42-day program so stay with me and get the answers to all those questions (and more). This topic was […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Transform 20 (A Detailed Review)

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