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Unleash your inner badass with P90X3 Triometrics (A review and must-know info)

May 11, 2016

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P90X3 Triometrics is one of my favorite programs in the P90X3 program (along with Agility X).  The exercises are original and effective. There are 19 exercises done at 3 levels in P90X3 Triometrics. There’s a lot you need to know to conquer this workout. Here we go…

Dreya Weber is the female team member in this program (you’ll recognize her from other P90X workouts).  She’s amazing.  Watch her form, it’s always spot on.  She’s a super badass but so are you.

Here’s a reminder of what the P90X3 series looks like:

Let me explain what you need to know…

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the cover art of the P90X3 Triometrics video

Instructor-Tony Horton



Length-35 minutes

HRM-274 calories


My rating-A

The Important Information about P90X3 Triometrics

P90X3 Triometrics is made up of 18 moves that are done at 3 levels (hence, the ‘tri’) of increasing intensity for about a minute each.  The pattern is alternating explosive moves with non-explosive.

There’s a Burnout section after the main workout with one additional exercise, making it 19 moves in all.

I’m putting this program in the Strength+ category because there’s definitely a cardio component to the workout, too.  (I struggled about whether to call it Cardio+ or Strength+, but after finishing the workout I always feel like it’s more a lower body conditioning/strengthening workout than cardio.)

This workout is very similar to P90X3 Agility X in that you don’t need equipment and it’s about 30 minutes long (like the other P90X3 workouts).  Agility X is solid cardio, though.  These two programs (Agility X and Triometrics) are a perfect complement.

The exercises in P90X3 Triometrics are done at your own pace so that means you’re responsible for pushing yourself.  Don’t be lazy.  This is your workout for the day.  Make the most of it.

As I said before, I feel like P90X3 Triometrics is mostly a lower-body conditioning program.  (You always get the added cardio component when you work legs at this pace because they’re such a large muscle group.)

There are several balance moves in Triometrics (I’ll put an asterisk by them).

Sometimes I have amazing balance and some days I can barely negotiate walking.  Don’t skip these moves because you have crappy balance.  That’s just not cool.  Make the most of the workout.  You’re not allowed to go brag about doing your P90X3 workout for the day if you skip a bunch of moves.

Tony tells you not to wear running shoes for this workout, but I do sometimes and nothing bad happens.  I’m a rebel like that.

What’s going on with the music?  The music is so important to a good workout.  Out of every piece of music available (in the world) they chose this?  C’mon Beachbody.

Read to the end for specific information about each section as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for P90X3🙂


The warm-up is about 2:30 long.  There are a few aerobic moves and some stretches.

You know how Tony rolls, he uses the warm-up to introduce his crew.  One of his crew members (Victor) appears to brag about doing this workout despite all of his knee surgeries.  As a medical professional I feel like I should say that you’re not this guy.  If you’ve had a bunch of knee problems (which may or may not have involved surgery) you need to be smart about the exercises you do.  And don’t ever push through the pain of an injury.

Main Workout (The exercises in P90X3 Triometrics)


Calf Raise Squats

Level One-do the exercise with a deep squat

Level Two-now your fingertips touch the floor on the squat

Level Three-touch your fists to the ground on the squat


Duper Skater* (remember the asterisk means this is a balance move)

Tony encourages the team to be graceful.  That’s actually good advice and another way of reminding you to move with control.  Watch Dreya and try not to kick your support leg while you’re being graceful.

Level One-Skater move with a knee up

Level Two-Skater move with a front kick

Level Three-touch your fingertips on the floor when you go back and keep the kick


Duper Skater-Repeat all three levels on the other support leg


Frog Jumps

Level One-reach to the floor with a mini frog hop

Level Two-touch the floor with your fingers and then do that hop

Level Three-big jump with arms all the way up before you hop; bend at the waist


Warrior 3 Squats* (balance move)

Level One-you balance on one leg with your arms back and do mini squats

Level Two-arms go out to the side now—keep the mini squat

Level Three-reach arms forward now and keep doing that squat; you’ll start to feel these in your lower back


Warrior 3 Squats (other leg)

Repeat all 3 levels on the other support leg.  Try not to let your leg ever hit the floor.  Tap your toe if you have to but try not to drop your foot.


Speed Skaters

Level One-this is exactly what you think it is

Level Two-make it two jumps to each side

Level Three-now do three hops to each side with skater arms


Superman Lunge

Level One-stay low with your knees flexed and alternate back lunges

Level Two-add a skip move in the middle and raise your arms

Level Three-now you do jumping alternating back lunges; make sure you use your arms


Sumo Kick

Level One-you do a wide squat with fingertips touching the floor and come up and do a kick, alternating sides

Level Two-fists to the floor with the squat, keep the kicks

Level Three-palms to the floor on this level; your thighs will be burning, try to keep going

Now Tony takes a break to make fun of tea-drinkers at the gym.  You have time to get a drink.


Run Stance Squats

Level One-keep your core tight and rotate your right and left foot forward in an alternating spin move

Level Two-touch the floor every time you switch legs

Level Three-add a jump after touching the floor



Iso Squat*

You’ve seen this exercise with Tony in previous P90X videos.

Level One-you have to balance on one leg and touch the floor, the leg in the air goes behind you

Level Two-now you hold the ankles together as you go down to the floor; you’re still balancing on the same foot

Level Three-that foot in the air comes forward now, you’re supposed to keep it off the floor when you bend down and touch your fingers but I find that impossible


Iso Squat (other leg)

Now you repeat all those levels while balancing on the other foot.

Now Tony makes one of his team members show the world his 6-pack.  I’m going to assume he’s happy about it because his abs are beautiful.  I’d never wear a shirt if my stomach looked like that.  Just saying.


Slater Squats

Tony points out that you can use whatever lead leg you want to on this exercise.  I like to alternate legs so I don’t end up feeling lop-sided, but you get to decide what works for you.

Level One-you walk back into a high plank and drop to the floor and then press back up to your feet and stand

Level Two-‘pop’ your feet back into the high plank and again into the squat position; you still drop (gently) to the floor; Tony never actually says the word push-up but you kind of end of doing one to accomplish this exercise (a nasty trick)

Level Three-now you add a jump off the floor when you stand up


Duper 2*

This is like Duper one but the leg goes out to the side, instead of behind you.

Level One-balance on one leg and do a mini squat while pushing your leg out to the side; your shoe should never touch the floor)

Level Two-fingertips to the floor as you do that mini squat, the leg still goes out to the side (keep that shoe up in the air)

Level Three-now you try and keep the leg out in the air while doing the mini squat/fingertip touch


Duper 2 (other leg)

Repeat all three levels while balancing on the other leg.


Jack Squats

Level One-when your arms come over your head you stay in a squat position so that your legs are working during the entire move

Level Two-now your hands touch the floor when you go down

Level Three-add a jump when you come up


Hell’s Chair

Level One-this is chair pose with one leg lifted off the ground in front of you, keep your arms high and your foot flexed

Level Two-switch legs

Level Three-both feet go back to the floor but you go lower into the chair pose



Level One-this is an alternating back lunge with a squat in the middle, but you stay in the squat position the whole time

Level Two-add a skip in the middle and hold your arms up, don’t forget the squat in the middle between back lunges

Level Three-add a jump

BURNOUT (30 seconds)

Ski Jumps (with a Tuck Jump)

Cool Down/Stretch

Don’t stop the video, there’s a 5 minute cool down/stretch next.  You need to do the stretch.  We all need to work on flexibility.  You have 5 minutes to do this.  Your email isn’t going anywhere.

Now What?

P90X3 Triometrics is a perfect option on days you may not have time for more than a 30-minute workout.  It’s also a great routine to add to a short run, or add an ab workout afterward and you’ve accomplished a pretty solid workout for the day.

You can find P90X3 Triometrics in the P90X3 series by Beachbody and it’s in the Member Library of a Beachbody on Demand membership.

I have a Beachbody on Demand membership.  It’s awesome.  There’s a FREE TRIAL.  Get yourself one today!  (You can read, Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try, if you have questions.)

Thanks for reading!


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