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A Review of CrossFire by Cathe Friedrich (find out why I recommend it)

August 3, 2016

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The Best Premix Workout on Crossfire is Crossfire + Core. I’m going to tell you exactly what makes Crossfire + Core* an incredible workout.

*Crossfire + Core is just ONE of the workouts in the Crossfire program with Cathe Friedrich.

Here’s what the Crossfire program looks like:

My favorite videos make use of an aerobic step but Crossfire is a really fun program that doesn’t require a step.

This is the main reason I find myself recommending this video a lot.  Not everyone is ready to invest in an exercise step.

You might not need a step to pull off Crossfire + Core but you’ll need a few other tools.  Don’t stress about it, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need.

Here we go…

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the cover art from the Crossfire video with black text that says Find out why I recommend crossfire

Instructor-Cathe Friedrich



an exercise loop

dumbbells (Cathe uses 3, 5, 8, 10, and 15 lbs.)

a pair of discs

an exercise band

*this is only used as a marker, so you can use a shoestring, a grout line in your tile, a piece of tape on the floor, etc.

Length-64 minutes

HRM-553 calories (that’s a LOT of calories in an hour, girls)


My rating- A

The Important Stuff about Crossfire + Core

CrossFire + Core is a tough premix workout from the CrossFire video.  There are several other premix workouts including CrossFire Extreme (73 minutes), as well as 10 additional premix workouts that are less than an hour long.

My heart rate stays in the 160’s for most of CrossFire + Core.  The choreography is easy and funBe prepared for a lot of jumping.

The compound moves in Crossfire + Core are done well and fit together naturally.

Yes, this premix has an ab section (hence the use of ‘core’ in the title).  Don’t be a wimp.  Do it.

There are 4 circuits in CrossFire + Core, plus the bonus ab sectionI think Circuit II (Firewalker Tabata) is the hardest.

Remember to read to the end of this post for links to a few places you can compare prices on this program:-)


You don’t use any equipment in the warm-up.  It’s about 6 ½ minutes long.  The moves are basic with a focus on legs.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Crossfire + Core)

Circuit I-CrossFire Fitness Blast

You won’t need any equipment for this circuit.

This section is about 8 ½ minutes.

There are 4 exercises you do for 20-30 seconds two times in a row, and then repeat them all one more time.  The exercises:

Lateral Scoots with a floor tap.  There are 2 sets.

180 degree turns (12 per side)

Squat Digs-2 sets of 32 reps

Suicide Runs (2 sets)

Repeat all four moves for one more set

Circuit II-Firewalker Tabata

You’ll need the closed loop band for this section (Cathe’s product is called a Firewalker band).  This section is only about 5 minutes long.

Put the band around your ankles.  You’ll be doing each exercise for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest.

I’ll tell you how many reps the team does in each set.  (The first number is the number of reps in the first set and the second number is set 2.)  Try to stay with them.

You’ll do all the exercises one time through and then come back for the second set.

The exercises:

Plié Jacks (remember the band is around your ankles)-27 reps (set one)/23 reps (set two)

3 jumping jacks and a tuck jump-6/6

Air Jacks-22/20

High/Low Squat Jumps-17/16

Circuit III-CrossFire Circuit Blast

You’ll need the exercise loop, 5 lb. (or 3 lb.) and 10 lb. DB’s, one 15 lb. DB, your tubing or band (to use as a marker), and the pair of discs to do this section.

You’ll be doing groupings of 2 exercises.  The first move (in each grouping) is cardio focused and the second move is focused on strengthening.  You repeat each pair of moves twice.  There are six groupings in this circuit.

Grouping One

Scissor/scissor tuck jump

Lateral walking plié squats with 10 lb. DB’s

Repeat Both

Grouping Two

You need your firewalker band (a closed loop).  Put it around your ankles for a set of 32 low-end jumping jacks

The strengthening exercise is a squat into a leg abduction with an overhead press.  You’ll need your 10 lb. DB’s.  There are 16 reps.

Repeat Both

Grouping Three

The cardio exercise is a lateral skate holding light weights (3 or 5 lb. DB’s)

The sculpting move is a low-end front and back lungeYou don’t need any equipment.  Don’t be confused by this exercise.  One leg moves and the other one stays put.

Repeat Both

Grouping Four

High knee runs is the cardio move

Get your 5 lb. DB’s for the weight move.  You do a side lunge into a leg abduction, then another side lunge into a cross back lunge.  There are 8 reps (each pair is one rep) on each side.

Repeat Both Exercises

Grouping Five

You need your discs for this circuit.

The first exercise is 16 push-up jacks (with your toes on the discs).  These are tough…and there’s a second set.

Next are warrior lunges.  You do 16 reps on each side.  Keep your torso tall and your arms parallel to the floor.  No slouching or saggy arms.


Grouping Six

This is when you use whatever equipment you pulled out to use as a marker.  You’ll be doing a jump with a half turnYour feet will swap positions over the marker with every turn.  There are 32 reps.

Your sculpting move is a wood chop with one 15 lb. DB.  You must keep your core tight when you do this exercise.  If you hit your leg with the weight you’re doing it wrong.  There are 16 reps in each set.


You’re 42 minutes into the workout.  Go you!

Circuit IV-CrossFire Plyo Tabata

Each exercise in this circuit is done for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest.  You’ll do four exercises and then repeat them all again in the same order.  You’ll need your 5 lb. DB’s for this circuit.

There’s no time between exercises but this is the last cardio section.  Really go for it.  You can do this.  You’re a strong badass (and this section is only about 5 minutes…you can do anything for 5 minutes, right?).

The moves:

Turning lunges

Alternating scissor jumps with the 5 lb. DB’s (holding a weight makes this a whole new exercise)

2-feet side jump with a vertical baby jump holding your 5 lb. DB’s

12 Wide tuck jumps (she does 14 reps in the second set)

Repeat all 4 exercises

Bonus Core Section

Cathe uses a pair of 8 lb. DB’s to do some of the ab exercises.  This is a good ab section.  You’ll be making progress towards your six-pack today.

The ab routine is about 9 minutes long.

Cool Down/Stretch

This is a good stretch segment.  Don’t be dumb and skip it.  Your legs need this.

Now What?

CrossFire + Core is an amazing workout using minimal equipment and with simple choreography that anyone can do.  Crossfire is a good investment for the intermediate or advanced exercise enthusiast.

You can find CrossFire in several places:

Cathe’s site


Collage Video

And don’t forget you can access every single Cathe Fridrich workout (plus Live workouts) with a membership to Cathe on Demand + Live.  

Try it for a month and do a new routine every day.  (You can cancel anytime).  I love my Cathe on Demand membership.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Debby says:

    I just did crossfire for the first time today! I am very advanced! I felt like when changing segments it was too long of a rest. It made me think that the workout was over. Do you feel that way? I was thinking I would just press forward and begin the next segment. What do you think about this?

    • Hi Debby, Thank you for taking the time to post. What a great question! Did you do the main routine on Crossfire or one of the premixes? The Crossfire Extreme Premix is the workout you’ll want to do if you need an even bigger challenge than the main workout. There are some days when I feel like the breaks might be long but most of the time it’s just enough time to grab a sip of water for me. If you’re ready to press forward then I say GO FOR IT! If your body doesn’t need a break then by all means keep your heart rate in that zone and keep going! I love it! Keep up the amazing job with your cardio endurance:-)

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