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In this day where you can stream any movie, TV show, or baby animal doing funny people-things it’s time to start streaming your workout videos, too. Cathe Friedrich has one of the best On Demand fitness service. Let me explain… Cathe Friedrich, an ACE (American Council on Exercise)-certified instructor since 1986 and a member of […]

How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand (A Review and Step by Step Guide)

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Cathe on Demand is the streaming workout on demand service by Cathe Friedrich. Once you sign up for a membership you get access to a huge library of workouts created by Cathe Friedrich (all of them). I get a lot of questions from people who feel overwhelmed with how to navigate among features inside the […]

How to Use your Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live Membership


Perfect 30 is a new home workout series created by Cathe Friedrich. This program has a little bit of everything–from cardio to total body strength training as well as yoga and extended stretching routines. As the title promises, each main workout is about 30 minutes long. In this quick and thorough review I’ll tell you […]

A Review of Perfect 30 by Cathe Friedrich for Home Exercisers

Cathe Friedrich Reviews

Cathe Friedrich doing a Perfect 30 workout

I’ve tested out almost 30 different exercise on demand services and Cathe Friedrich’s on demand library is one of the best. You have 2 main options for membership but I recommend the combo with Cathe on Demand plus Cathe Live. Let me tell you the features I love about this service and the one thing […]

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