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Your Home Exercise Framework (the 3 pillars you must have in place to be successful)

April 15, 2020

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These are your home exercise pillars–the 3 parts that make up the framework of every successful home workout system (and why each one is equally important).

These are the three pillars you need to think of when you’re trying to figure out how to put together all of the parts that make up home exercise so that it works for you.

You can say goodbye to your dependence on a gym because you’re gonna feel so confident of what you’re doing right under your own roof. You don’t need a gym to get the body and life you want. Promise.

Let’s dive into the three pillars that make up the foundation of a home workout program that serves you for life.

Because your goal is to have something that will serve you for life, not to be something that you do for 30 days and then not know what to do next.

When you understand how to create a workout system designed just for you and your unique life and circumstances it’s empowering.

You’ll be proud of it. You’ll want to do it, you’ll want to tell other people about it and it’ll drive your motivation and you’ll be successful.

I built out these pillars and this framework based on all of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last 20+ years of working out at home (equipment, motivation, workout space, where to find good workouts and technology–all of it).

Not one of these pillars are more important than the other. They all work together.

But you need each one of them because when one of these pillars is weak, it’ll be the gap where you’re falling short and become inconsistent.

You might have one (maybe 2) pillars in place already. This article will help you identify where you need to focus you efforts on improving so you’ll have a solid 3-piece foundation.

When I’m done here, I think you’re going to walk away and be like, Mickie, this is easy. I got this. And that’s the whole point.

I’ve chunked it down into parts that you can grasp easily and you’ll feel like you have control over what you need to do.

Pillar number one is your toolbox.

Remember, I’ve numbered them but each one is equally important and in no specific order.

Your toolbox is made up of your actual physical equipment that you use as well as your exercise on demand services and any workout videos that you use to work out with.

I want you to understand that you need to do your research when it comes to home exercise equipment.

And remember that small tools go a long way.

You don’t need to buy massive pieces of equipment that take up tons of room to get results with home exercise.

Also, remember technology today is an absolutely incredible resource for exercising at home. Make sure you’re using it to your advantage.

There are free as well as paid workout services out there for you to use to find incredible workouts.

You need lots of variety in your toolbox. Make a point to create a workout system that’s interesting and unique to your tastes and personality.

Pillar number two is your strategy.

Your strategy includes your workout space, your workout calendar, and your fitness goals.

These all need to be individualized to you and your unique life.

You need to be creative when it comes to your workout space, how you set it up, because how you store and organize your equipment can make or break your workouts. Also, you need to plan your workout calendar around your unique circumstances.

Pro Tip-Make the most of your workout calendar using methods like program stacking. (A method I use and teach inside of my course that’s based on the principles of cross training to help you get faster results with exercise.)

Your workout goals are also included in this pillar. I recommend using mini goals to hit wins all the time.

These are small baby-step goals (constant wins) that you can use in your daily workouts and in your weekly and monthly goals so that those big, giant quarterly and annual goals don’t seem so far out of reach.

Pillar number three is your mindset.

This part of your home workout system is all about your attitude and your inner voice.

Are you using phrases like, I can’t do that workout. I don’t have time. I’ve never been an athlete. Exercise never works for me?

If you have these thoughts then mindset is something you need to be working on.

You are your thoughts. Your perception is your life .

So, if your head is not where it needs to be, it will be a real hindrance for you. And you’ll struggle with motivation and consistency.

You deserve the body and life of your dreams.

So I hope now you can see how this all comes together and why I said earlier that each one of these parts is equally important because if you have a great toolbox and you have a strategy in place, but your mindset is not where it needs to be, it’s going to be a struggle for you to be consistent.

And if your mindset’s on point and you’ve got all the right tools but you don’t have a strategy (you don’t have the goals set up right, you’re not planning properly, or you don’t have your workout space in order) it can really be an obstacle for you to be consistent and to love what you’re doing because your workouts will always feel forced into your day and disorganized.

And finally if your attitude and effort are always at their best and your workout space and mini-goals are set up but you always feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting exactly which routines to do or which equipment you should use then you need to focus on your toolbox.

Maybe you’ve got that one workout video and you never got around to getting more. Or you planned on signing up for an exercise on demand service but you don’t really understand which one to pick or how to use it.

These are signs you need to work on pillar one–your toolbox. Because it’ll be hard to find the motivation or consistency when you don’t have enough variety in your toolbox.

So, I hope this makes sense to you and clarifies why I say that you need all three pillars in your home workout program to find consistency and be proud of the workout system you’ve worked so hard to build.

When you have pride and confidence in what you’re doing then consistency won’t be hard because you’ll be full of motivation and excitement for every workout–and that’s where the magic happens. A consistent workout routine is lifechanging.

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