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What’s MM100? This content was also featured on an episode of the Crunches and Cosmos Podcast. You can listen in right here: Morning Meltdown 100 is one of the newest workout programs by Beachbody and stars one of the coolest girls you’ll never know (but will wish you did), Jericho McMatthews. Here’s what the program […]

An Honest Review of Morning Meltdown 100 (MM100)

There’s a team behind your health choices—are they fueling you or draining you? We’ve all got people in our inner circle who might be considered ‘toxic’. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to deal with the people in your life who might be standing in the way of you hitting your fitness goals. I remember sending […]

Are Your Friends Making You Fat? (Here’s some ways to deal with that)

Is it time to workout at home? Are you trying to decide if you should buy a gym membership or workout at home? I’m going to explain to you why every woman needs a home workout plan in place even if you have a gym membership. 6 Reasons Every Woman Should Have a Home Workout […]

6 Important Reasons Women Need a Home Workout Plan (even if they have a gym membership)

I want to be very clear about something. You are responsible for you. And they are responsible for them. You can only control your own choices and actions.* *I’m not talking about the children in your life. This post is about the adults you know and love. Do you feel guilt because someone you love […]

How to Help a Loved One Start Exercising (And is it Your Job to Do That?)

Episodes, posts and information mentioned in this podcast… ✔ Fabletics–An Honest Review ✔ The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Programs ✔ Season 1, Episode 10-Cathe on Demand (Why it’s Better than Beachbody on Demand for Some People) ✔ The Program Stacking Method ✔ If you’re having any problems with Cathe on Demand then you can email […]

Crunches & Cosmos Podcast BONUS Episode! [Updates]

The Exciting Facts About Transform 20–Your (Complete) Information Guide & Review So, what’s the Transform 20 program all about? Who’s it for? Do you have to have an aerobic step to do the workouts? Are all the routines just cardio? I’ve done every workout in the 6-week, 42-day program so stay with me and get […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Transform 20 (A Detailed Review)

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