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Here’s how to crush Insanity Asylum Speed & Agility (A review)

April 27, 2016

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So, you did it.  You’ve officially purchased a really hard workout.

No more Kickin’ it to the 80’s  or The Basics of Stretching.  It’s time to get serious, people.

And we all know how anxious you are to tell everyone on social media that you just crushed your (*ahem*) Insanity The Asylum workout (with a special shout out to anyone who thought you couldn’t–or wouldn’t–ever do an advanced workout).

But before you’re allowed to crank up the ‘ol brag-o-meter you’ve gotta learn what you just got yourself in to.

I’ll get you prepared for this crazy (and incredible) advanced routine.

Let me explain what you’re going to see (and everything you need to know before you try it) in The Asylum Speed and Agility…

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Instructor-Shaun T


Equipmentagility ladder*, jump rope

*If you don’t have an agility ladder you can create the ladder on your floor using painter’s tape (make 4 squares in a ladder pattern, each about 12×12), or use the tiles on your floor.

Length-45 minutes

HRM -372*calories

*I feel like it was closer to 400.  This is a very intense cardio workout for the full 45 minutes.  I think my heart rate monitor was having spasms the day I got this number.


Remember my choreography rating refers to the complexity of the choreography–not the intensity of the program.  Speed & Agility is an advanced workout.

My rating– A

The Important Stuff about Insanity The Asylum Speed & Agility

I LOVE this Speed & Agility. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of repetition, Speed & Agility is creative and so fast-paced you won’t get bored.  I promise you’ll be challenged to the max every time you pull out this workout.

Shaun T is the guy we know, love, and expect in Insanity The Asylum, Speed & Agility. He’s so fired up that he helps you find that last ounce of energy to keep going.  You need that to get through this.  And if his words don’t inspire you then let his abs speak for him.  WTH??  Are those even real?

In the warm-up Shaun T tells you that you’re allowed to wear a shirt that says ‘I’m an Athlete’ if you finish this workout. I love that.  I gotta get one of those shirts.

You’ll only need your jump rope* in the warm-up.

*Everyone messes up with the jump rope exercises.  You’re not allowed to quit.  Start over every time you catch your toe.  You’re not trying to impress anyone with your coordination.  This is your workout for the day.  Make the most of it.  (There’s a girl in the video who does the jump rope exercises with no jump rope.  That’s always an option.)

Shaun T yells out the exercises and starts the clock without demonstrating how to do most of the moves. So, the first time you do this program you’ll miss the first few reps of each exercise because you’ll have to watch how to do them while the clock runs.  It won’t matter.  You won’t notice that you missed any reps.  The segments are about a minute long so you’ll have plenty of time to get in a bunch of reps.

You WILL hit/trip/kick the ladder a 1000 times. Don’t get pissed about it.  Fix the ladder and keep going.

Speed & Agility will be easier to pull off if you have slightly more space than I normally recommend.  You’ll be doing exercises in and around the ladder.

Remember to read to the end of this post for tips and details on every section of this program as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on this video 🙂


The warm-up is 3 minutes long.  You’ll need the agility ladder and jump rope for the warm-up. Lay your ladder out somewhere so you can quickly transition to it.

The moves are continuous.

The jump rope exercises are first and are:

High Knee

Squat Jumps

In & Out

Run over to your ladder and do a Heisman up and down the ladder.  Then get back to your jump rope.

The second set of jump rope exercises:

Speed High Knees

Cross Feet

One Leg Hops and Scissors

Run back to the ladder.  You have to tap the floor and run back up to the top of the ladder after each set of Heismans this time (Shaun T calls it the Agility Heisman).

Agility Toe Taps

Go down the ladder in plank with your toes in the squares


Aaahh…now you get about 2 minutes to stretch.  This feels great.

Main Workout (The Exercises in The Asylum Speed & Agility)

Mountain Climber Progressions

Shaun T actually demonstrates this exercise before the clock starts.  If you’re on the short side (like me) then you’ll have a hard time getting your feet up to that third box. 

Just do your best.  You’ll have to slow down (a bunch) and you’ll probably kick the ladder.  It’s ok.

Forward & Back Agility

Go as fast as you can doing an in and out of the same 2 boxes of the ladder.  You switch lead legs halfway.

Moving Push-Up/In & Out Abs

Your hands stay in the ladder.  You’ll do a moving push-up with your hands in the boxes with an in/out ab jump in between.

In & Out Agility with Hop

You move your feet in and out of the boxes all the way to the top and hop back through the squares to your starting position.  Jump down into a high plank before you start back up the ladder.

Repeat Mountain Climber Progression (whatever level you want to do)

Agility Sequence

He explains what to do but you’ll have to see it to understand.  It’s a scissor feet using the same two boxes and then Shaun T will yell out to switch to in & outs and then a rotational jump (this is just a jump with a ¼ turn over the ladder and back).

Moving Push-Ups/Jump into the Ladder

You do those moving push-ups again with your hands going down the ladder and pop up into a squat after each push-up.

WATER BREAK (don’t get excited this is really short)

In & Out Ab Progression

This is like the mountain climber progression but you do a two-footed jump into the boxes this time.

Stationary Criss-Cross

You do a criss-cross in place with your feet at the end of your ladder.  You switch leads halfway through.

Agility Bear Crawl

Do a bear crawl up the ladder.  Jump your feet into the top box when you get to the top.  Jump your hands into the bottom box when you go back down.  Do as many as you can with your butt low.  Try to go fast.

Agility Stork Touch

You jump across the ladder on one foot and touch the floor (while still on one foot).  Yes, this requires balance at a period in the program where you won’t have any.  Just do your best.  You get to change legs halfway.

In & Out Ab Progression

Repeat this exercise again.  Now you’re a pro.  Go as fast as you can.  Yes, there’s sweat in my eyes and mouth, too.  Don’t be a whiner.

Cross Cross/Power Jump

Add a jump after that criss-cross move with your feet.

Bear Crawl/’V’ Push-Up

You know how to do the bear crawl now.  The V push-up has the top of your head facing the floor (like you’re about to do a headstand) and your butt sticks up in the air.

Agility Touch Squats

Shaun T calls this a recovery move.  You hop two feet in and out of the ladder and bend down and touch the square where your feet just left.

In & Out Ab Progression

Pick the version you like and do it for a minute.

Criss Cross/Moving Power Jump

This is very similar to the exercise you already did but you take it down the ladder this time.

Bear Crawl/Tricep Push-Ups

Try not to cheat on the tricep push-ups.  You’ll find yourself folding at the hips instead of using your arms to lower down, if you don’t focus on the form.  The move is small but you should feel it in your triceps if you’re doing it right.



You’re not done with the ladder

Word of the day: Agility

Agility Hop Scotch

This is exactly what it sounds like.  Go as fast as you can for the entire minute.  You switch feet at 30 seconds.

Agility Hurdle Drill

Move down the ladder with tiny sprint runs and pop your knee up on every 3rd step.

Agility Dual Hops

This is a lateral hop up and down the step (using those boxes) with your ankles/feet locked together.  Go as fast as you can.

Agility Plank

Move your hands down the step while in high plank.  In your mind you’ll be able to go really fast but your body won’t cooperate.  It’s annoying.

Agility Plank with Shoulder Tap

This is exactly what you think it is.  Go fast.  Try to get 5 rounds.  I usually squeeze out 6 before the clock ends.  The Mother of Twins that Shaun T is using as his model for this exercise is a badass.  She goes so fast!  Love her.

You did it!  You. Are. Incredible.

Cool Down/Stretch

You cool down for about 3 ½ minutes.  This feels so good.  You earned this segment (and you need it).  Don’t sprawl on the floor in a sweaty heap until after this part.

Now What?

I love Insanity The Asylum, Speed & Agility.  This routine is so hard and so good.  Everyone (looking for a challenge) should try these (The Asylum) workouts and see just what they’re capable of doing.

You can find Speed & Agility with the rest of The Asylum workouts by Beachbody on Amazon*

*Amazon has stopped stocking The Asylum series. You’ll need to sign up for Beachbody on Demand to do the Asylum workouts.

Read more about Beachbody on Demand

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