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A Review of P90X2 Ab Ripper (And Why You Should Try it Today)

September 10, 2018

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“Engagement–not momentum.” –Tony Horton’s Tip-of-the-day for P90X2 Ab Ripper

The tempo in this ab routine is slower than the original Ab Ripper X.  The idea is to focus on engaging every ab muscle with each rep. There are 11 core exercises (all done on the floor) in this 17-minute routine.

Remember Ab Ripper X2 is just one of the routines from the P90X2 series:

If you thought the original Ab Ripper X workout was fun and effective then P90X2 Ab Ripper will give you a happy deja vú because several of the exercises in X2 are just a twist on the original Ab Ripper X moves.

And if you can’t balance on your ass for 5 minutes after this program then you were doing something wrong.

Let me explain the P90X2 Ab Ripper exercises…

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one of the girls from the P90X2 ab ripper workout doing an ab exercise with white text that says an honest evaluation of p90x2 ab ripper

Instructor-Tony Horton



Length-17 minutes

HRM-59 calories


My rating-B+

The Important Information about P90X2 Ab Ripper

P90X2 Ab Ripper is very similar to the ab workout from the original P90X.  There are a few new exercises but you’ll be familiar with several of them.  The main difference from the original Ab Ripper is the tempo here is slower.

Collette is the girl in this video (the rest of the team are men).  She’s a badass.  I follow what she’s doing.  Tony is usually walking around.

You’ll need a mat.  Shoes are optional (says Tony).  I always wear my shoes.  Tony is barefoot.

There’s no specific reason I gave X2 Ab Ripper a B+, other than I don’t love it.  It’s a decent ab routine to add to the end of another workout.

Remember to keep reading for tips on every exercise in X2 Ab Ripper as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for the P90X2 series.

Want to know how this Ab Ripper compares to Ab Ripper X2 and X3?  Then check out The Real Differences Between the Ab Ripper Workouts.


Like with the original Ab Ripper X routine, there’s no warm-up on X2 Ab Ripper .  You immediately start doing the exercises.

Main Workout (The Exercises in P90X2 Ab Ripper)

Here are the 11 P90X2 ab ripper Exercises:

Scissor Twist

There are 20 of these

This is the same exercise as the Fifer Scissors from Ab Ripper X, but with a twist (literally).

You’re on your back and have your legs up in a split, ‘L’ position (just like Fifer Scissors).  Instead of just switching the isometric hold like in the Fifer Scissor, you add a reach (with the opposite arm) to the leg that’s up.

Tony prompts you when to switch legs.  Your head and legs should be off the ground for the entire set.

Collette gets a 10.0 for her pointed toes and straight legs, don’t worry about it if your legs are bent—we can’t all be Collette.

Row Your Boat

There are 20 of these as well

You balance on your ass and ‘row’ your legs out together.  The weird part is the arm motion that goes with it, which is like you’re holding two oars and rowing them.

This will feel like a strange game of charades.  Hopefully no one is watching (or laughing at) you. Try to focus on your new chiseled 6-pack.  Collette makes this exercise look graceful.  Try to do it like her.  Don’t look at Bobby or you’ll start laughing.

Superman Banana X

I love Superman Banana X.

There are 13 reps

You’ll start in the superman position on your belly with your hands and legs wide and off the floor and then you roll over onto your back without letting your hands/feet hit the ground.  (Envision your body making an ‘X’ the whole time.)

This exercise is effective.

And you’ll need space.  I always roll myself into a piece of furniture.  I don’t know how Tony’s team stays over the mat.

Oblique Roll Crunch

I don’t like these because they make me nauseated for some reason.

Wanting to barf when you’re doing abs makes it hard to focus.

There are 11 reps on each side.

You lay on your side and put the hand of your top arm behind your head.  Then while keeping your legs extended and together, you bring your elbow and legs together, contracting your oblique muscles.  Yep, this is hard as hell.  You do one rep and then roll to the other side and do a rep.

This exercise is like the Oblique V-Up from Ab Ripper X, but with that roll added on.

Roll V Hold

There are 10 roll V holds.

Remember the position you were in for Row Your Boat, earlier?  This time you do a roll back and come up into that v-boat position and hold it for a few seconds before you roll back down (there are no oars to worry about this time).

Try to keep your chest up.  It’s not that easy to stop your momentum on your ass cheeks when you roll up.  You’ll figure out what tempo to do this after a couple of reps so that you don’t over or undershoot it when you come up for the hold.

Collette has crazy good form on this exercise, too.


If these hurt your back you’re doing them wrong. You don’t have to go very far down to feel your abs contract. I can go farther on my left side for some reason. Tony doesn’t do any of these, he walks around pointing at his crew instead.  He does point out the proper way to be doing the exercise so listen up.

You’ll get on your back and put your arms out and legs up, straight, and together.  You slowly lower your legs to the right and left like a windshield wiper blade.  There are 4 reps on each side.

Just for the record, I don’t like this exercise.  No matter how I adjust my body I don’t really feel much in my core.  That’s just me, though.  You might love this one.

Gate Bridge Lift

Lay on your back and put your arms at your side.  Tuck your hands under your butt.  Keep you head up and legs straight (and together) and slowly lift and lower your legs.  When your legs are about an inch from the floor your open and close them.  Repeat.  Your head and legs aren’t supposed to ever touch the floor.  Tony prompts you for each rep so stay with the team.

There are 11 reps.

This exercise is a neck burner for me, but they’re very effective, you may have to put your head down for a second or two during the exercise but try to keep your legs going.

Phelon Twist

The Phelon Twist is a variation on the Mason Twist from the original P90X Ab Ripper.

Sit up with your legs extended in front of you.  Lean back a little (with your legs glued to the floor) and twist right and left.  Tony cues you for every rep and the tempo is very slow and deliberate so you can really focus on your core and oblique muscles.  With the Mason Twist your legs are bent and the speed is faster.

There are 5 on each side.

This is a small, but effective, move.

Scissor Clapper

You get to balance on your butt cheeks again for Scissor Clappers.

The name tells you exactly what to do, scissor your legs and clap your hands underneath.  Don’t let your legs hit the floor between reps.

There are 30.

If you’re tired you’ll find yourself rolling back on these, it’s ok, sit back up and finish the set.  Once you find your balance you’ll rock this exercise.


This is another exercise you’ve seen from Tony before; there are 10 reps in each direction; make sure you’re exhaling/blowing out during the contraction/lift.

You lay on your back with your legs straight up and together.  Draw a circle with your feet in one direction.  You lift your hips off the floor for half the circle so that your lower abs contract.  Collette is a superstar on this one, too.

Balance Bike Crunch

I don’t like balance bike crunches because they’re really hard, but it’s your last move so you aren’t allowed to stop. Getting washboard abs is hard work.

The exercise is the bicycle move we’re all familiar with but you do it while balancing on your butt.  You should be a pro at ass-balancing by now.

There are 10 per side at a slow pace.  The tempo is what makes this really tough (and effective).

Cool Down/Stretch

You get about a minute to cool down/stretch.  If you’re adding this to another workout make sure you take some time to stretch out on your own.

Now What?

P90X2 Ab Ripper pairs well with a long run or a shorter cardio workout.  I like to put it at the end of P90X2 Plyocide.

You can find this workout with the rest of the P90X2 routines by Beachbody on Amazon.  

X2 Ab Ripper is also included in the Member Library of a Beachbody on Demand (BOD) membership.

*I love my BOD membership and recommend you try it out.  It’s free for 30 days.  

If you have questions about how it works then read this, Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try.


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