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A Review of P90X3 Eccentric Upper (an incredible upper body workout for women, too)

September 29, 2018

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If you’ve watched the P90X3 infomercial then you know this series is for men and women.

And just in case you missed it, here’s a short clip:

Girls, you must lift something heavier than your running shoes to sculpt your body.  It’s just a fact.

We all love cardio because we’re laser-focused on shedding calories.


If you combine your cardio workout with weight training you’ll see results you’ve never seen before.  I promise.

It’s a magical blend of two complementary ingredients (like granola and yogurt, chocolate chips and ice cream, beer and pizza…piiizzzaaa…ahem, where were we?) that will work in unison to change the shape of your body.

Ladies, I’m going to tell you exactly how I make P90X3 Eccentric Upper work for me so you can figure out how to do the same (for yourself).

You’ll quickly notice I’m not perfect at a lot of the exercises but I never skip anything and I try to make every rep count.

Let me explain…

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Tony Horton and a girl in workout clothes standing under a bar with their hands holding the bar

Instructor-Tony Horton


EquipmentDumbbells*(or a band), Pull-Up Bar, Chin-Up Max, PowerStands, mat

*I use 5, 8, 12, & 15 lb. dumbbells

The Chin-Up Max is a chin-up assist band.  I have to use one of those.

You don’t have to have Power Stands, but if you have them (or a similar accessory for push-ups), then go grab them.  Personally, I use them for every push-up exercise in this workout.

TIPIf you purchase a pair of push-up stands make sure they have big grips, a big base and don’t swivel.  That’s why I love Power Stands.  They’re big, sturdy and safe.

Length-31 minutes



My rating-A

Tips-Ladies, check out my favorite colored dumbbells.  And if you’re still adding to your dumbbell collection then you might want to read A Women’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.

Important Stuff about P90X3 Eccentric Upper

The exercises in Eccentric Upper are done as a group. Tony Horton isn’t really a part of that group.  He mostly walks around.  I like doing the moves as a part of the team.  I never want to be the only slacker in the group so being part of the team pushes me.

The point of this workout is to go slow and recruit maximum muscle fibers. Make each rep count. Don’t go faster than the team on the video, it’s not a race.  You’re missing the point if you speed up.

Kathleen is awesome. Watch her for proper form.

Rob (blue shirt) shows you how to do all the exercises using a band. I’ve never done that before.  I’ve found that I don’t know what band to grab for each exercise and I end up spending a bunch of time playing with all the different bands I have to find the right tension for each exercise.  If you know which color band is perfect for each move then go for it.  (Using a few bands would make this a good workout to take with you on vacation.)

There are a lot of push-up exercises in P90X3 Eccentric Upper. I use my power stands for all of them.  I hate push-ups but you can’t argue with how effective they are.  Just do them and stop complaining.

Tony thinks he’s hilarious. Sometimes he’s entertaining and other times not so much.  It depends on what mood I’m in.  I like that I can mute him out on my Beachbody on Demand account and use CC (closed captioning).  But I’d like to mute out everybody on some days, so it could just be me.

Read to the end for tips on every section in this routine as well as links to a few places you can compare prices for this workout:-)

Warm-Up (about 2:30 minutes)

The short warm-up has small, controlled moves and a few stretches.

Main Workout (The Exercises in P90X3 Eccentric Upper)

Standard Push-Ups

This is where you can use your PowerStands if you have them

10 reps

Stay with the group.  The pattern is what makes this workout unique.

Standard Pull-Up

I use a pull-up assist band to do this.  Katherine doesn’t (I hate her so bad, right now).  I can’t do a pull-up.  It sucks. I have a goal to be able to do at least 5 without an assist band.  

Put your push-up goal in the comment section of this post:-)

10 reps

Military Press

I use 12 lb. dumbbells

10 reps


Military Push-Ups

Grab those PowerStands again (if you have them)

Notice the leg is lifted.  You switch legs half-way.

10 reps


Get back to your pull-up bar for this.  Katherine shows us what a badass she is again on this exercise.

10 reps

Swimmer’s Press

I use 12 lb. dumbbells

Tony jumps in and shows you how to do these.

10 reps


Fly Push-Ups

Notice the wide position of your handsUse your PowerStands if you have them.

10 reps

V-Pull Ups

These are weird with the pull-up assist band.  It’s hard to keep your legs from swinging. I’m always scared my pull-up bar is going to break away from the door jam when I do this exercise.  Just do your best.  Of course, Katherine does this perfect, but she does use the assist this time.

Upright Hammer Pull

This was the first time I’d ever done this exercise (the first time I did this workout, that is).  I use 12 lb. dumbbells.

10 reps


Staggered Push-Ups

10 reps

Rocket Launcher Row

I use 15’s on this exercise but I usually think about my 12’s the whole time.  I switch legs half-way but the team on the video doesn’t.

10 reps

Lateral/Anterior Raise

I use 8 lb. dumbbells

12 reps

Don’t get cute and speed through these.  Remember the whole point is to go slow.


Plyo Push-Ups

These are really hard.  TIP-Do NOT use your PowerStands.  I’m pretty strong but I can barely ‘explode’ an inch off the floor.  Just do your best.

10 reps

Vaulter Pull-Ups

Katherine and I are starting to sync up now.  We both use the assist band.  Notice the hand position.  You switch hands after 5 reps.

5 reps (2 sets)

Pterodactyl Flys

Use 5 or 8 lb. dumbbells.  I usually do these with my 5’s but sometimes I feel strong and use my 8’s.  I switch my legs after 5 reps.

10 reps


Rocket Launcher Kickbacks

I use 8 or 10 lb’s on these and switch legs after 5 reps.

10 reps

Flip Flop Combo

I use 15 lb. dumbbells

10 reps

Tricep Skyfers

Use your PowerStands on tricep skyfers.  Try to keep that leg up.  Switch feet after 5 dips.

10 reps

Kneeling Preacher Curls

I use 12’s

10 reps


Military Push-Ups

Wide Pull Ups

Here’s the pattern: one push-up, one pull-up, two push-ups, two pull-ups, two push-ups, two pull-ups

It’s hard (pretty much impossible) to get in and out of the assist band as fast as the transitions go.  Just do your best.

Cool Down/Stretch

There’s a one minute cool down/stretch.  Do it.  Stretch out your upper body some more on your own (after the cool down).

Now What??

P90X Eccentric Upper is a really thorough (and effective) workout in a short period of time.  Pair it with an ab workout or your favorite cardio circuit and you’re good to go.

You can find P90X3 Eccentric Upper in the family of P90X3 videos or in the library of workouts in a Beachbody on Demand membership.

Thank you for reading!

Have an amazing workout!


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