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A T25 Review of Beta Dynamic Core

March 30, 2017

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I don’t love every Focus T25 routine but Beta Dynamic Core isn’t bad.

The exercises in this video are good.  It’s the pace that’s hard to swallow.  I wish he’d go just a beat faster.  The workout would be so much better, in my opinion. Let me tell you the facts about this T25 workout…

Beta Dynamic Core is one of the routines in the Focus T25 family of routines:

I’ll tell you exactly which exercises are worth repeating and which ones I could do without.

Let me explain…

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Shaun T doing an exercise in t25 beta dynamic core

Instructor-Shaun T

Category-Strength (Abs only)


Length-25 minutes

HRM-137 calories


My rating: A-

The Important Stuff about Beta Dynamic Core

I’ve been pretty critical of T25 but Beta Dynamic Core is good.  Right off the bat I like the awesome blue motif.  The set just looks cool.

Shaun T takes his shirt off for this video.  Thank you!  That’s the Shaun T we’re all used to.  That Shaun T with the polo on is a complete stranger.

Just like in the other T25 workouts, Tanya demonstrates the low-impact/modified/easy version of the moves.  Just pretend she’s not there.  Unless you’re injured you probably won’t need to modify any of the exercises.

Remember to read all the way through this post for tips on every section as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on Focus T25.


This section consists of a few cardio moves.  Do not stop.

Here are the exercises:

Split Lunge Agility

Low Switch Kick

Double Switch Kick

High Switch Kick

Static Uppercut

Jack Uppercut

Twisting ‘T’ Abs/Lower

Speed Knee Kick Left

Hammer Kick Right

Speed Kick Right

Hammer Kick Left

Main Workout (The Exercises in T25 Beta Dynamic Core)

*(I think this is where the main workout begins.  The warm-up and main routine kind of blur together.)


Sprint + Table Top (alternate legs)

Criscross Half-Tuck Jump

These take coordination.  For some reason I have to really concentrate to switch feet every time on the crisscross.  My body just wants to do the same side over and over.

Shuffle + Sprint Kick

Shaun T tells you to go at your own pace here but you’ll end up going at the pace of the class.  Make sure you touch the floor every time.  Don’t cheat.  You have no reason to.

Connecting Deep Squat

Hmmm…I’ve nicknamed these the Double Wipe for obvious reasons.  Why, Shuan T, why?  There are SO MANY other moves you could pick for this video.  I can’t take this one seriously.


Torso Lift

Keep your legs straight and on the floor for these.

Alternating Straight Leg Scissor (AKA: Neck Crunch…I can’t keep my head up for all of these.  My neck cramps up)

Hip Up + Reverse Crunch

I have never moved so slow in my life.  You should be embarrassed if you skip any of these.

Butterfly Leg Lift Left/Right

These are pretty smart.  You’ll feel them in your hip flexors as well as your lower body.  Sometimes I lift the bent leg at the same time as the straight leg to make it harder.

Seated Knee Crossover Left/Right

Bicycle Abs + V Hold

Hands to Feet + Reverse Crunch

Side Plank Left

*You’ll think Shaun T has forgotten about the other side but hang in there…he comes back around to the right in a bit

Keep your core tight.  You know the correct form for a plank.


Walking Pike-Up

You have to stay on your toes to make this work.


Side Plank Hip-Up Left

Side Plank Right

Superman Pulse

Full Pike-Up (again, stay on your toes)

Rocketman Pulse

Side Plank Hip-Up Right

Side Plank Up + Over Left/Right

These are good but it’s hard to balance on the blade of one foot.  You may wobble a bit to find the balance but don’t give up.  I feel like these might be easier for people with bigger feet.

Plank Walk + Squat Pyramid

This is the last move and is a great challenge.  Do them all.  You’re not allowed to wimp out.  I know you can do these.

Cool Down/Stretch

Keep the video running for a 2 ½ minute cool down/stretch.

What Now?

I’m convinced the guys in Beta Dynamic Core have been sprayed down with water during the taping.  There’s just no way they’re actually sweating that much.

Add Focus T25 Beta Dynamic Core to any other video that’s missing an ab routine or do it after a run and it’ll make this workout worth your time and money.

You can find Beta Dynamic Core in the T25 series on Amazon and in a membership to Beachbody on Demand.  (That link includes a free trial of BOD.  It’s worth trying.  I love it.)

Thanks for reading this far! You’re a superfan!❤


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