The Top 7 Shopping Sites for Women’s Workout Clothes

November 25, 2018

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Where do you buy your workout clothes?

If your answer is any of the following:

A. Garage Sales

B. I’m wearing the same tights, baggy t-shirt, and legwarmers that I bought in 1983 (after watching Flash Dance 100 times).

Remember putting on your legwarmers and running in place while swinging your hair and singing She’s a Maniac?  #GoodTimes.  Yeah, I’m kinda old.

C. Eh, I just wear my jeans

If any of those answers belong to you then you need to read this entire post.

Every workout is better when you look good.  Why?  Because you feel good before you even start.

Why do you think sports teams invest so much money in fancy outfits?

It’s not JUST to intimidate the other team by flaunting a polished and professional appearance but because the players start the game with more confidence when they look good.

I suggest you try out this theory by investing in some new gym apparel.

Listen, I know there are a TON of stores that sell fitness apparel.  If you love to shop online (like me) stay tuned because I’m going to tell you where you can start stocking up on some very cool gym apparel.

BONUS INFO—I’m wearing all of these brands of fitness apparel in different images on my website.

If you use one of my links to purchase something it helps support my business.  Thank you! (No hard feelings if you don’t.)  You can get more information about that here.

a woman wearing gray workout clothes using holding an orange medicine ball on a field


*In no specific order


Under Armour is one of the top gym apparel sites for women

I know. I know.  I can’t help but worry that Under Armour has become a little too big for its britches, too.

But try and forget just how mega this company has become and remember that they got this big because they make badass fitness apparel.

It was only after people discovered the quality behind the brand that they acquired the millions of dollars to pay for all the endorsements and cools ads.

a product page from Under Armour

Under Armour has some of the coolest prints and a huge line of tank tops and sleeveless T’s that are perfect for your next workout.

Shop Under Armour now!


MPG Sport is one of the top gym apparel sites for women to shop

You may have never heard of MPG Sport.  I hadn’t either until their catalog showed up at my house one day and I was hooked.

MPG Sport carries fashionable fitness apparel.  You can wear a lot of their stuff to run errands AND go to the gym (athleisure apparel is the fancy term, I think).

some products from MPG Sport

I have run into problems once or twice with an item that didn’t fit well. 

But all MPG Sport orders include a prepaid envelope for free returns (if done within 30 days) which takes the risk out of ordering online.

Shop MPG Sport now!


Athleta is one of the top fitness apparel sites for women

I’ve been shopping Athleta for years.  I especially love the bathing suits they sell but I’ve purchased everything from tights and sports bras to jackets and workout tops from Athleta.

They have a huge inventory of well-made clothes and sizes from XXS to XL, as well as petite, tall and plus sizes. 

a product page from Athleta--one of the top gym apparel sites for women

The only thing I don’t like about Athleta is that they force you to pay for returns.  (Zappos has me spoiled with the whole free returns thing.) 

But now that Athleta has several brick and mortar stores around the country you can always avoid the return charge by going to one of the stores.

Definitely check out Athleta when you think about shopping for new gym apparel.

Shop Athleta now!


Reebok is one of the top gym apparel sites for women

You might not think about going directly to Reebok for fitness clothing.

Traditionally, I think most people only think about Reebok when it’s time to buy a pair of shoes for the gym, rather than an outfit.

But if you haven’t been to Reebok’s online store you’re missing out.

They have cool prints and unique designs with a big inventory of everything you need to workout.  I especially love their tights and sports bras.

Reebok sells cool gym apparel for women

If nothing else get on their snail mail list somehow so you can get their catalog.  I love the edgy photos and vibe.  (Their catalog always convinces me to buy something.)

Shop Reebok now!


Bandier is one of the top fitness apparel sites for women

It’s quite possible you’ve never heard of Bandier.  I’m not sure how I stumbled on to them but I’m glad I did.

Bandier fitness apparel is high-end and cool.  They have a clean website that’s easy to navigate.  They carry the Nike brand along with other boutique brands.

Bandier's site has cool gym apparel

Make sure you check out their shoes, too.  Bandier has a big inventory of athletic shoes.

My favorite thing about Bandier is the free return policy.  (They also offer free shipping but you’ll have to spend at least $175 to qualify.)

Shop Bandier now!


Adidas is one of the top gym apparel sites for women

Adidas is my secret ‘Go-To’ brand for fitness apparel.  I always look for this brand in every sporting goods retail store and am a regular shopper on their website.  They just make great workout clothes that fit my body like I want.

Adidas has cool fitness apparel

Their website is easy to navigate and they have a large inventory of any fitness apparel or accessory you might need.

As of the writing of this post Adidas online is offering free shipping and returns so shopping here is a no-brainer for me.

Shop Adidas now!


Title Nine is one of the top fitness apparel sites for women

Title Nine has a product line similar to Athleta in that you can find pretty much any kind of athletic apparel you’d ever need from head to toe.

My favorite product line at Title Nine is their bra collection.  They do a great job of making shopping for a sports bra fun.

They use a ‘barbell rating system’ to categorize the amount of support each bra offers and use fun product descriptions that make you want to keep reading (whether you plan to purchase anything or not).

Title Nine uses a barbell rating system to categorize their bra support

Title Nine is another company with a great catalog.  Make sure you click on ‘Catalog Request’ in the footer section so you can get one sent directly to your house.

Shop Title Nine now!


If you find yourself buying a lot of fitness apparel then you should look into getting a membership to a fitness apparel subscription box.

I belong to 5 different programs that send me fitness apparel regularly.  I don’t have to keep or pay for anything I don’t want.  It’s a win-win.

You can read more about different fitness apparel subscription programs here–>> The Top Fitness Apparel Subscription Programs

Thank you for reading.  As usual, you’re completely awesome.

The BEST Fitness Apparel Sites for Women-One Strong Southern Girl-These are the TOP fitness apparel websites today. Feel confident for your next workout--treat yourself with some cool athletic apparel.

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