Top 3 Home Workout Programs for High School Athletes of Any Sport

June 30, 2021

should you set up your home gym in your garage? here's what you need to know

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Over the last 5 years of testing and reviewing 100’s of different home workout programs we’ve compiled a list of the ones that we love for (male and female) high school athletes (of any sport).

Let’s face it. The coaches and trainers of your teenagers have gotten really smart about the best ways to get your kids in top shape for whatever sport they’re playing. But they only have so much time with your athlete and it’s up to your kids to navigate the best workouts to do on their own that will get them at peak performance.

We love these 3 programs because they’re fun, taught by pro trainers and offer overall conditioning (rather than laser-focused training for the skills used in specific sports).

These programs can be used to supplement an athlete’s in-season workouts or used in the off-season to stay in shape.

All 3 of these programs are just one of the options found inside 2 different on-demand libraries. So, the good news is that if your high school athlete doesn’t like the program you signed up to try there are 100’s of other options to test out.

The final (obvious) benefit to signing up for any one of these on-demand libraries is that now everyone in your house can workout from home.

Let’s get started…

Learn even more about this topic by listening in as we cover it on the Crunches and Cosmos podcast:

The Work by Beachbody

Where you’ll find it

Inside the Beachbody on Demand library

What kinds of workouts are they?

Cross training, total body conditioning, lots of compound exercises and combinations that will improve cardio/muscular endurance, coordination, agility and balance.

What equipment is used?

Dumbbells, fitness loops, exercise gliders, pull-up bar

What you need to know as a parent

The instructor in these workouts throws the f-bomb around a lot. So, if that’s a concern make sure you hit play on the ‘clean’ version of every workout

Click here to learn more about The Work (our full review of the program)

Insanity Max:30

Where you’ll find it

Inside the Beachbody on Demand library

What kinds of workouts are they?

Intense cardio (hiit style training), as well as strength training

You won’t need any extra coordination to do the combinations but they will challenge even the most elite athlete

What equipment is used?

These 30-minute workouts don’t use any equipment.

What you need to know as a parent

I realize this isn’t a shiny new program but it’s an evergreen beast. Don’t underestimate what it can do for anyone.

Click here to learn more about Insanity Max:30

Body Pump

Where you’ll find it

Inside the Les Mills on Demand library

What kinds of workout are they?

Strength training with lower weights and high reps. These are total body metabolic workouts.

What equipment is used?

A barbell, full-sized aerobic step (mostly as a weight bench), and dumbbells

What you need to know as a parent

These workouts are like exercising at a concert. Your teens will love them.

Click here to learn more about Les Mills on Demand

Bonus–> Signing up for one of these services is a smart way to introduce your kids to a resource they can use far beyond high school. 

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