What is Truck Trainers of Nashville?

February 14, 2018

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Truck Trainers of Nashville is personal training that comes to you.

Are you living in the Nashville area and looking for a personal trainer to help you start, maintain or ramp up your fitness goals?

Do you live in the Nashville area and find yourself spending more time commuting to the gym than actually exercising?

If you answer yes to either of those questions then consider a better way of exercising >> Truck Trainers.

The Truck Trainers of Nashville Logo

I recently interviewed the female-owner of the new Nashville personal-training business, Truck Trainers, about her innovative idea that will allow more people to fit exercise into their busy schedules.

Here’s what she had to say…

a woman's hand holding a cast iron dumbbell with black text overlay that says Truck Trainers of Nashville bring exercise to you

What is Truck Trainers?

Truck Trainers is a mobile gym that comes literally to your door with a gym and trainer ready to help you meet your wellness goals.

Truck Trainers has been featured on a local news brodcast!

Is Truck Trainers a franchise?

No.  Truck Trainers is locally owned an operated.

How long have you been in business?

The completed truck rolled to its first session in August of 2017

What made you want to bring Truck Trainers to Nashville?

This is my home.  I live and work here and love the people here.  With all of the growth in Nashville, I knew we’d find busy people just like us who really needed another (workout) option.

How many trainers do you have?

Teresa Pitt-Sholar, Owner of Truck Trainers of Nashville
Teresa Pitt-Sholar, Owner/Trainer of Truck Trainers

Currently we there are two of us, but we’re looking to expand that number.

*Read more about Teresa Pitt, owner and trainer of Truck Trainers.

How long are your sessions?

Typically, 30 minutes.  But we can go longer if someone feels that they need that.

How far will Truck Trainers travel for a session?

We try to stay within a 15 mile radius of Nashville.  We do have more clients North of town since that’s where we’re based.

What are the hours people can book a session with you?

We have sessions from 5 am to 8 pm now.

Can you book an appointment online?

Unfortunately, no.  With the logistics of travel involved, we have to monitor where we are prior to and after each session so it takes a little more research.

Can you request a specific trainer?

Yes, you can but we actually prefer to alternate.  We find that people really enjoy switching things up.

Do you sell a package of sessions? Or one at a time? Or a membership?

We sell single sessions currently but we’re switching to a membership model in the next 30 days.

And what is the cost of a session with one of your personal trainers?

$35 for a single person session

$40 for the same household partner

$50 for partners

*We also offer corporate block rates to park at an office location and work with employees.

Do you offer nutrition advice, too?

We do.  We have to stay within our scope of practice, but spend a large part of our time discussing nutrition options.

Your equipment looks like it’s mostly for sculpting and getting stronger.  Do you incorporate cardio in your sessions?  If yes, how?

Truck Trainers studio and equipment

We do incorporate cardio with plyometric exercises.  We don’t focus on that because most people don’t want to pay a trainer to tell them to do jumping jacks.  We spend time teaching them to listen to their bodies during the workout so that when they’re on their own, they know how to execute their own workouts effectively.

Can you book a session with a partner?  Or a group?

Yes and yes.  Groups can be done when weather permits because we do utilize the outdoors.  Partner workouts can be performed any time.

Can you buy a gift certificate for a session for someone else?

Absolutely.  We simply send an invoice and can send you a Gift Certificate to deliver to the recipient.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We ask for 24 hours notice to cancel.

What’s the age requirement for a session?  Do you work with teens?

With the consent of parents, we do work with teens.  We find that it helps self esteem, teaches great habits, and provides a healthy outlet for teens.  We also do partner workouts with teens and a parent.  This is a great bonding experience.

Can you help me train for a specific event?

Yes.  We aren’t trained in working with elite athletes, but if running a 5K is on your bucket list, we can help with that.

Do you play music during the session?

Absolutely!  Your workout.  Your music choice.

Do you take credit cards?

We do.  We currently invoice online and credit cards are accepted.  We will also be swiping from our phones soon for sessions.

Do I need to provide any equipment or will you have everything I need to workout?

You just need a good attitude.  We have the rest.

What’s the best way to contact Truck Trainers for more information or to book a session?

Visit our website:

Call 615-933-7722

Message us on Facebook:

Go check out Truck Trainers today!

Thanks for reading!


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