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A Review of P90X2 Total Body

March 14, 2016

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The title says Total Body, but this workout is (mostly) an upper body and core strength-training workout.

Here’s a reminder of what the P90X2 program is all about (Total Body is just one of the routines in this series):

Girls, say it with me: I am not Dreya Weber. 

She’s amazing and you should watch her because she has perfect form but you could do this video 3 times a day and you’d never have her body.  Be inspired but keep it real.  She’s a badass.  I love her.

And here’s a heads up you’ll appreciate knowing about–this routine has a bunch of exercises that require balance.  Don’t get mad about it because your balance sucks.

My balance is Laurie Hernandez some days (she received the silver medal on beam in the last Olympics) and like I’m drunk AND blindfolded on others.  BUT I don’t give up and neither should you.  Exercises that require balance force you to engage your core.

Now let me tell you exactly what you need and what you’ll be doing in P90X2 Total Body…

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the cover image from the P90X2 Total Body DVD

Instructor-Tony Horton



Dumbbells (I use my 5, 8, 10, 12, & 15 lbs.)

2 med balls (doesn’t matter what size, you’re going to be doing push-ups on them)

pull-up bar (I have an assist band that I use on my pull-up bar)

stability ball (make sure it’s aired up well)

mat (just for the stretches at the end)

*This is a list of the equipment I actually use to do this workout.  There are some additional items listed under Tools on the video.  You can use a band in place of a pull-up bar.

Length-62 minutes

HRM-369 calories


My rating– A

TIP-Ladies, if you still need a few weights for your collection check out my favorite colored dumbbells.  And you can read, A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.

Important Stuff about P90X2 Total Body

There are 12 exercises you do two times through in P90X2 Total Body.

Some of the guys in Tony’s crew are in a total flop sweat. You may not be.  That doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong.  I don’t sweat that much when I do weights.

Tony is a super goofball in this video. Sometimes it’s charming and some days not so much.  Just saying…

There’s a countdown clock. I love that as a rule, however, when the video drags the clock is just a reminder of how much longer this workout is taking than it has to (in some parts)

Remember to read to the end of this post for the workout description as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on P90X2.


You’ll recognize all these moves in the warm-up (if you’ve done any P90X or P90X2 routine).  You can use your stability ball or a towel.

The exercises:



Side Stretch

Alternating Back Lunge


Foam Rolling

You do not have to have a foam roller to do this section.  Just stretch (using no tools).  You know what muscles you need to stretch.  Don’t get up and go check your text messages.  We all need to improve our flexibility.  Don’t waste this opportunity to make the most of your workout today.  Stretching burns calories.  It’s true.

Roller Angel

Roller Sphinx (you don’t need your foam roller for this, just hold a low plank, listen to Tony’s form pointers, he tells you exactly how to do it)

World’s Greatest Stretch (love this)


Scorpion (again, form is important, your back may pop but you shouldn’t feel pain; yes, plastering your face into the carpet is uncomfortable)

Groiners (there are always 20 of these)


Scapular Retraction (you’ll be so ready to get to the workout at this point…I have no idea why there are so many warm-up moves)


Main Workout (The Exercises in P90X2 Total Body)

One-Arm Chest Press on Stability Ball

I use one 15 lb. dumbbell.  You switch sides after 10-12 reps.

If you don’t feel stable on the ball then do these on a bench or the floor.  The ball forces you to engage your core so try to use it.


I do as many pull-ups as I can using the hand positions Tony gives you.  My goal is 12 pull-ups in both sets. 

If you’re wondering what the pull-up assist band is, Dreya gets one out after a few reps without it. 

I’d invest in one of these if you do a lot of workouts with the pull-up bar (I use one).  It’s not a cop out.  You can adjust the assist band to still make the pull-up as hard as you want.

Push-Up Side Arm Balance on Two Med Balls

You can use two medicine balls of any size for this.  I have 8 lb. med balls.

These are fun.  You can probably balance better on one side than the other.  It’s an amazing core move.  Do as many as you can. 

I do 18 on the first set and 16 on the second. 

You may feel this in your wrists.  That’s just a side effect of the exercise.

Switch Lunge Press

This exercise takes focus to do the legs and arms correctly. 

You move the same leg front and then back (do the other leg on the second set).  Once you get the legs down right then focus on doing the overhead/Arnold presses. 

I don’t always get in all 12 reps. 

I use 12 lb. dumbbells on this exercise.

Warrior 3 Kickback

This exercise requires balance.

Some days I feel like I never get two good reps in because I spend so much time wobbling around.  I use 5 lb. dumbbells for this move. 

You switch legs on the next set.  You’ll have better balance on one leg than the other.

Warrior 3 Curls

Another balance move.  Check out Dreya.  Seriously?  I hate her sometimes.  I use 8 lb. dumbbells for this.


Boing Push-Up

These can be dangerous.  Your stability ball needs maximum air to do this well.

My ball is always half flat so I usually do my first boing and realize I’m going to kill myself if I don’t go air up the ball. 

You have to have a really strong core to accomplish a boing push-up.

Forget about quantity and focus on quality for this move. 

You’ll know if you’re doing it correct because it takes a lot of ab work.  Tony reminds you not to crash on the ball but you’ll kind of feel like you’re crashing on the ball no matter what.

Crunchy Lever Pull-Up

Full disclosure:  I can’t really do this.  AND if I could, I’m scared to put my faith in my pull-up bar to actually try to flip upside down.  I just do pull-ups with my feet held out straight to engage my core the whole set.

Mule Kick Burpees

I do 6-8 in each set.

You probably won’t be able to float down from the kick (like Tony).  That’s ok but don’t let your legs fall like a bag of concrete either.

Swimmer’s Curl Press in ½ Chair

Some days I can’t balance for even one rep on this exercise.  It’s annoying.

Tony shows you the version with two feet on the floor in chair position. 

I use 12 lb. dumbbells and do 8-10 reps per set (always less if I’m actually in one-leg chair hold). 

You’ll feel this exercise in your lower back but it shouldn’t hurt.

Balance Kickback on Stability Ball

I use an 8 lb. dumbbell and my goal is at least 10 per side.

This is another move where your ball has to be aired up all the way.  Trust me, the exercise is SO MUCH HARDER when your ball isn’t pumped up tight.  Use your core.  You can do this.  The second set is really hard.

Rocket Launcher Preacher Curl

I do 10-13 reps with 10 lb. dumbbells.


Now you repeat all 12 exercises for one more set.

You’ll be familiar with everything at this point so really focus on bringing your game.  Make each rep count.

Cool Down/Stretch

You’ll feel completely pumped up like Tarzan at this point.  Don’t skip the cool down and stretch.

There’s only about 8 minutes left.  You’re amazing.  You don’t have to use the stability ball (but I would if you have it) to do the stretches. 

The best time to stretch out your muscles is when they’re already toasty.  You know you need this so don’t make an excuse to skip this part.

Ladies, you’re going to be so sculpted and sexy if you make this workout (or one like it) a part of your regular routine. It’s good for you.

Now What??

I really like this P90X2 Total Body.  It’s a great upper body/core strength routine.

You can find P90X2 Total Body in the P90X2 Series by Beachbody on Amazon.  

You can also access this routine (and every other Beachbody workout) in a membership to Beachbody on Demand (BOD).  There’s a FREE TRIAL PERIOD so there’s no reason not to try it out.  I have a membership and love it.

This article will answer all of your BOD questions.

Thanks for reading.  You’re awesome!


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