9 Original Workout Recovery Gifts for Her in 2020

August 29, 2019

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A proper cool down/recovery is just as important to a good exercise program as the workout that comes before it.

These are my favorite tools (and great gift ideas) for cooling down and celebrating an awesome workout.

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1. A cooling towel

You won’t know how much you love a cooling towel until you use one.

They’re the perfect workout accessory to throw in your gym bag but can be used after any type of exercise.

They’re lightweight, affordable and come in a bunch of different colors.  I love that you can wear them as a headband, too.

a cooling towel is a lifesaver after intense cardio

2. Pro mat for stretching

It’s worth it to invest in a quality mat for stretching.

It pays off if you’re on a hard surface and they’re portable. 

Plus, a good mat can be used for every stage of your workout (before, during and after).

a pro yoga mat is an ideal gift for women

3. A fitness journal

A fitness journal is a great way to track your progress.

There’s just something about scheduling your exercise and then logging your results that helps keep you accountable and makes it easier to see your wins after every workout.

a fitness journal is a practical fitness gift for women

4. A Yeti

I love giving my fitness friends a Yeti tumbler as a gift.

It’s one of those items that every woman wants but hesitates to splurge on.

It’s the perfect post-exercise accessory because whatever workout recovery concoction is your favorite the Yeti will keep it ice cold and ready for you.

a yeti thermos is an exciting exercise gift for a woman

5. A mug that inspires

Maybe she prefers hot tea after her workout.

Might as well inspire her while she’s drinking it!

a black mug

6. A Tommie Copper sleeve

Tommie Copper makes zinc-infused compression sleeves that help joints recover after intense exercise.

I love that this one is made for women!

Tommie Copper is a smart gift for active women

7. An ice pack that doubles as a heat pack

This genius product can be used to cool or heat joints and muscles after a workout.

The velcro straps are awesome and mean you can wrap it on whatever body part that needs it. 

The gel inside the pack conforms to every curve of your body.  This is a great gift for any level of exerciser.

an ice pack that doubles as a heat pack is a neat fitness gift for women

8. Bubble bath recovery

Yes!  Every woman will love this gift!

A relaxing bubble bath is the perfect way to celebrate an awesome workout.

bubble bath is the best gift for women who exercise

9. Muscle recovery bath salts

I love gifting bubbles and bath salts together.

These organic bath salts are great for muscle recovery after a toning workout and bubbles are ideal for a mental reset after a long week of hard exercise.

muscle recovery bath salts is the best gift for women who workout

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