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A Review of P90X2 Balance & Power Workout

October 19, 2016

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X2 Balance + Power has three rounds of 6 exercises.  There are breaks in between. This workout isn’t for everyone. I’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need (they use several pieces of equipment) and what you’ll be doing in this review and guide of the routine.

Here’s a peek at this workout from the P90X2 series:

Make sure you have plenty of air in your stability ball before you start this workout.  It matters.  The exercises with the ball are harder to do if your ball isn’t aired up tight.

Tip-If you don’t own a stability ball then a 55 cm ball is a good place for most women to start (if you’re between 5’2″ and 5’7″).

Keep reading to find out the exercises you’ll see in X2 Balance + Power.

Let’s get started…

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the cover art from the P90X3 Balance and power workout

Instructor-Tony Horton



Stability ball

foam roller

dumbbells/band (I use 8, 10, & 12 lb. dumbbells)

medicine ball (the link will take you to a 6 lb. med ball, that’s a good size for this routine)*

power stands*


*These are listed as optional

Length-62 minutes



My rating- A

If you don’t own any dumbbells and don’t know where to start then read this, A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.

Important Stuff about P90X2 Balance + Power

X2 Balance + Power is great for your core!  (Remember that exercises which require you to balance will naturally engage your core.)

Sometimes you can get by without the stability ball for P90X2 workouts but get it out of the garage for Balance + Power.  The exercises were created with that ball in mind.

There are a lot of exercises that require balance in this program.  Don’t get frustrated.  We’re not all circus acrobats.  I get it.  But your balance will improve over time and you’ll be a better athlete because of that.  You’re not allowed to go brag about how hard your P90X2 workout was today if you skip half the exercises.

I’m writing about my experience with each exercise so you can see what this program is like for me and how I modify it when necessary.

Hopefully, this will help you feel as prepared as possible to tackle the workout.  Ladies, I tell you how many reps I can usually pull off with each exercise so you have a reference point.

There’s one guy on the team showing you every exercise with no weights (or just an exercise band), so you have that option.

The girl on the team for X2 Balance + Power is Tony’s sister, Kit.  She’s a badass with a 6-pack.  She has perfect form for all the exercises so pay attention to her.

As always you’ll find information and tips on every exercise in this routine (as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on P90X2) if you keep reading 🙂


If you’ve done any P90X routines then you know how this works.  You’ve got about 12 minutes of warm-up exercises and stretching before you get started.

Here are the moves (Tony holds a stability ball but you can use a towel or nothing to do this section):


Squats (10 reps)

Side Stretches (5 each side)

Alternating Back Lunges (5 per side)

Atlas (6 per side)

Foam Rolling

Now you do foam rolling for about 3 minutes.  This is just stretching.  If you have a foam roller then go ahead and use it like they are in the video.  Don’t go check your email if you don’t have a foam roller.

Stretch out whatever you need to stretch.  Everyone has some muscle group that stays tight.  Use this time to stretch it out.  My right groin (adductors) are tight as a drum so I always use this time to stretch my adductors, and then I throw in my hamstrings, calves, hips, back etc.  You get the idea.

Roller Angel (you can do this on the floor or against a wall)

Roller Sphinx (this is a low plank hold, you can do it on the floor)

World’s Greatest Stretch (you know I love this one, it just feels good)


Scorpion (AKA Double Trouble, or Face/Boob Smash-Up)

Your back might pop a few times when you do Scorpion but you shouldn’t feel any sharp, shooting pain down your leg or in your back, listen to the form pointers

Groiners (there are always 20)

Dumbbell Squat Press

There are 20 reps.  I use 10 lb. dumbbells.  The pace is fast.  This is really where the workout starts but Tony doesn’t officially call this part of Round One.

Mountain Climbers

You do these on the stability ball.  Your core has to be really tight if you do these on the ball.


Main Workout (The Exercises in P90X2 Balance + Power)

Round One (about 48 minutes left in the workout)

Sphinx to Plank Plyo Bounce

For the love of monkeys, start out slow on these.  You’ll kill yourself if your core isn’t as solid as concrete. 

And remember how I reminded you to air up that ball?  You’ll understand with this first exercise why you should have listened to me.

I can only do about 12 of these

1-Leg Plyo Squat Reach

These (also) require balance.  Try to glue your ankles together like Tony tells you.

There are 12 reps per side.

Bend at the waist and try NOT to round your back.  You’re going to wobble all over the room.  Expect that.  And you’ll have much better balance on one side.

You’ll get better the more times you do this routine.

Russian Twist

You need a medicine ball or light dumbbell for this exercise.

When I did this exercise the first time I discovered my 8 lb. med ball is too big to hold between my legs.  I hold a 10 lb. dumbbell between my hands and keep my feet off the floor, instead.  It’s just as effective.

Try to do the reps slow with the group.

Sphinx to Plank Roll Up

This is another balance move on the stability ball. 

It takes a LOT of practice to be good with these exercises on the ball.  Just do your best.  Don’t give up.  You’re shaping your core.  If you do these on the floor (without the ball) make sure you lift one leg.

I can do 12-14 reps, usually.

4-Direction Leg Squat Hops

If you have bad knees then you may want to modify this exercise.

The combination of hopping on one foot and then having to bend over makes this one especially hard.  I suck hard at this one.  I literally hop all over the room and only get in a few reps.  It makes me mad as hell but I still do it.

Forearm Alternating Side Plank

There are 16 reps.

Don’t collapse your body into the ball.  You can do these.  And they’re so effective.


Round Two (39 minutes left)

Decline Sphinx Plank Press

This exercise is tough on your lower back.  I have to put the ball in the middle of my shins to do the exercise.  Don’t expect to breeze through this one the first time you do it.

I’m happy to do 6-8 reps.  I focus on doing them with the best form I can manage rather than getting in a lot of reps.  Don’t let your torso sag.

These hurt my elbows sometimes.  Just saying.

Weighted Katherine

I use 8 lb. dumbbells

These are jumping lunges.  Don’t hold dumbbells if you have bad knees.

There are 30 reps.  Keep your chest up.  Don’t go so deep in the lunge that you can’t keep up with the team.

Plank X Crunch

I love this exercise.  Go SLOW!  You can do this.  There are 20.

You might wobble a little but you’ll feel all the right muscles working at the same time to make this happen.

Renegade Row ½ Lolasana

I use 12 lb. dumbbells.

My goal is 8 reps.

I don’t even attempt a full lolasana.  Just do the ½ version with your toe on the ground for starters.  If you can do a full lolasana then you’re awesome.

The lolasana should be done slow and smooth.  Don’t flop your legs around.  Your knee and forehead should touch (or as close as you can get).

Glute Bridge Roll Out

You need your stability ball for this move.  The goal is 20 reps but I’m happy if I do 15.

Keep your butt up in the sky.  Your hamstrings will be flexed during the entire set.

Beware of the hamstring cramp!  If you feel it coming on then stop and stretch out your hamstrings.  If you cramp up you’ll want to hunt down Tony Horton and neck slap him.

Over/Under Boat

I use a band for these but you can use a towel or Tony suggests a broomstick (use a hand towel if you don’t have a band).

Try not to let your feet ever touch the floor and keep your chest up and your back straight.  I know, you hate me so bad right now.

My goal is 15-20 reps.


Round Three (about 26 minutes left)

Warrior Row Press

I use 8 lb. dumbbells

There are 8 per side.

This is (another) balance move.  You know the drill.  Most likely you’ll be able to do this a lot better on one side. 

Some people are annoying and have perfect balance on both legs.  Most of us will stumble at least 3 or 4 times.

The move is slow.  Don’t try and rush through your reps.

Split Lunge (on the Stability Ball)

I learned the hard way to stand near something I can grab when I start to fall during this exercise.  I don’t always need it but the entire clock has run before I ever find my balance if I’m not careful, so it’s better if I stand near a piece of furniture that I can use to balance (just in case).

I haven’t tried it with my foot on a chair (or something that couldn’t move out from under me) but that would probably be a good idea.

There are 10 reps on each leg.

Crawly Crab Press

I don’t use a weight on this exercise.

I feel muscles flexing in all the right spots but I can’t help but think I do this wrong.  I just do my best and try to copy the form of Tony’s sister.  It’s a goal of mine to conquer this one.

The goal is 12 reps but I never do that many (I usually do 8-10).

Lateral Plyo Push-Up

My goal on these is 20.

Tony does 40 but remember he’s been walking around while you’ve been working out.

I really like this move.  I hate push-ups but they’re a great exercise because you work so many muscles at once and this version keeps you from getting bored.

Lunge Kneel Knee Raise

Put a mat or towel under your knee.

I use 10 lb. dumbbells because my shoulders are spent at this point.

There are 10 reps per side.  These look hard but you can do them.  Don’t crash down on your back lunge.

X Plank Spider Twist

There are 10 per side.  I do NOT use any weights.

This is a great exercise to finish on, it’s really fun and great for your core.  I do the high plank version, which is plenty hard enough.


Bonus Section

Dumbbell Row to Side Plank

I use 8 lb. dumbbells

There are 16 reps.

Pay attention to the form pointers.  Keep your torso strong.  No dropping your hips.

Dumbbell Super Burpee

I do 4 reps per side.  I just can’t go very fast on these by this point.

If you get too frustrated trying to balance then do the version Tony’s sister is doing with both feet.

Plank Ball Crunch

I have to put my full shins on the stability ball to pull this off.  But my knees make contact with my forehead on every rep.

This is the last move.  I do all 20 reps (and you should, too).

Cool Down/Stretch

There’s about 8 minutes left to cool down and stretch.

You can use the stability ball if you want to do the stretches.  Whatever rings your bell.

Just make sure you stretch out all the muscles that need it.  Don’t stop the video here.  You need to do this part.  Flexibility is important to make you a better athlete and prevent injury.

Now What?

X2 Balance + Power is a phenomenal workout (especially for the core).  The exercises are creative and effective.  I wish the ‘pre-workout’ section was a little more concise but that’s just how P90X2 rolls.  It’s tempting to want to skip through the first 10 minutes (the foam roller section is way too long) but don’t.  Commit to the full time for your workout today.  There’s nothing that can’t wait 10 more minutes so you can get in the entire program.

You can find P90X2 (with the X2 Balance + Power routine) by Beachbody on Amazon.

And in the library of workouts with a membership to Beachbody on Demand. (There’s a FREE TRIAL period!)

Check out 5 Reasons to Try Beachbody on Demand if you’re thinking about joining BOD.  (I love it!)

 Thanks for reading!


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