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Is Body Beast for Women? (A Body Beast Workout Review)

November 22, 2019

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Girls, listen up.

What if I told you that Body Beast is NOT just for men?

Don’t avoid lifting weights because you think you’ll get ‘thick’.  A good milkshake is thick.  Your body won’t get that way unless you’re lifting too many shakes (and not enough dumbbells).

Here’s a reminder of what the Body Beast program looks like:

Is Body Beast for Women?


Body Beast is for any woman who wants to create a lean and sexy body.

Girls with muscles are happier, sexier, and more likely to win the lottery.  Yes, I made some of that up but at least two of those might be true.  Add resistance training to your exercise program and find out for yourself.

Let me tell you how I make Body Beast Total Body work for me…

This post may contain Amazon (or other) affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. You can get more information about that here.

Sagi Kalev spotting a girl doing one of the exercises in Body Beast

Instructor-Sagi Kalev


Equipment-mat, pull-up bar, dumbbells*, pull-up assist band (AKA-Chin Up Max), Stability ball (The stability ball and a workout bench are optional equipment.

If you don’t have a bench or stability ball don’t get excited, just do the exercises flat on your back or standing.)

*I use 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25 lb. DB’s to do this routine; I do use an assist band like the one below to do pull-ups on a pull-up bar.  You might need one, too.

Pull-Up Assist Band/Chin-Up Max

Length-41 minutes

HRM-263 calories


My rating- A

If you’re a woman still trying to figure out which dumbbells to buy then I suggest you read, A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells, for help.

The Important Stuff about Body Beast Total Body

Body Beast Total Body has 4 circuits of exercises.

Each circuit has four exercises–two upper body, one lower body, and a core move.

You do all of the moves in each circuit one time and then repeat them all before going on to the next interval.

Every exercise in each circuit has 15 reps.

There’s a countdown clock that shows you how much time is left in each section.

a picture of the countdown clock from Body Beast
The amount of time left in the section

And how much time is left in the entire workout.

a picture that shows what the countdown clock is showing
The amount of time left in the entire workout

I love that clock.  You will, too.

Total Body uses a beautiful pop-up at the beginning of each circuit that displays exactly what exercises are coming up.  (I’ll show you what I mean in the Main Workout section below.)

There are 2 women and 2 men (if you count Sagi) doing each exercise.

If you don’t lift weights all the time you might not know what dumbbells to use for each exercise.

I’m going to tell you which dumbbells I use when I do Body Beast Total Body to give you another reference point (of a woman) doing this routine.

Write down the dumbbells you use when you do program the first few times.  You’ll be glad you did.  The notes will help you the next time you do the routine.

Sagi calls the other guy in the video ‘Mini Beast’.  For some reason that sounds like an insult every time he says it.  What do you think?

Sagi spends about 50% of the time giving verbal pointers and the other half of the time walking around as entertainment saying things like ‘Welcome to the Beast Show’.

I’d love to see him do the routine but, hey, no one asked me.  And he is pretty entertaining.  (His pecs look like two small animals crawled in there and curled up on each side.)

You can make this routine more interesting by going up (or down) in weight on the second set through each exercise.

Make sure you read to the end of this post to get tips on each exercise (what DB’s I use) as well as links to where you can compare prices for Body Beast.

If this routine sounds awesome then go ahead and GET ACCESS TO ALL OF THEM!


The warm-up is about 1 ½ minutes long.  The exercises Sagi does reminds me of Tony Horton’s warm-up moves in his P90X3 series.  It’s short and close to worthless.

If you’ve been sitting all day then the warm-up will get blood flowing to your muscles but there’s no stretch in this section.

You know your body.  If you need a longer warm-up then pause the video and do it before you start the main routine.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Body Beast Total Body)

Remember I’m going to tell you what weights I use for each of the exercises.

I don’t use what Sagi uses (not even close) but I don’t use what the girls on the video are using either.

Use my information to help you decide where YOU should start.


Remember there are 4 exercises in each circuit (2 upper body, one lower body, and one ab/core exercise).  Every exercise is done 15 times.

Here’s that pop-up I mentioned earlier.  Thank you, Body Beast Masters.  This is super helpful.

a list of the Set 1 round 1 & 2 exercises in Total Body
These are the Set 1 Round 1 & 2 Exercises in Total Body


I use the pull-up assist band and do all 15 reps.  I usually finish behind the team, though.

Sagi demonstrates the exercise with a wide grip.  Use whatever grip you want to get them all in.

Don’t swing on the pull-up assist band.  You should be steady with no bouncing or swinging.

One of the girls in the team (Chelsea) demonstrates another exercise (using a band) that you can do if you don’t have a pull-up bar (or just can’t do a pull-up).

The other girl (Jen) is doing pull-ups with an assist band (like I do them).  Watch her if you’re using an assist band.  She has impeccable form and an incredible body (I love/hate her).

Make sure you check out the Mini Beast doing this exercise.  It’s pretty impressive.


Do all 15 push-ups with the team.  If you have to drop to your knees then go for it.  Don’t stop, though.


I use 20 lb. DB’s for these 15 reps.

Listen to Sagi’s form pointers.

The tempo is a little faster than you might be used to so remember that when you pick which DB’s you’re going to use.


If you’re on a hard surface you might want to grab a mat for these.

This is just a good ‘ol fashioned crunch.  The tempo is really slow so you have no excuse not to do these perfectly.


I use the same weights for every exercise in the second set of Circuit One.  There are still 15 reps for everything.

The second set is done a little bit faster.  Try to do every single rep but don’t sacrifice form to squeeze them all in.

Water Break

This is when you write down what DB’s you used and if you struggled with any exercise.  This is how you track your progress. 

Write whatever you want.  No one else is going to read it.  My notes read something like, ‘hard as hell’, ‘do NOT use 30’s’, ‘NO PUSH-UPS ON KNEES’…etc.


a list of the set 2 round 1 and 2 exercises
These are the Set 2 Round 1 & 2 exercises in Total Body

Incline Press

I use a stability ball to create the incline.  If you don’t have a way to create an incline then just do the exercise on the floor on your back.

Don’t get upset if you don’t have the same tools as Sagi.  You’ll be hitting the chest muscles at a different angle if you’re on the floor but it’s not the end of the world—and not a reason to skip this exercise or workout.

I do the 15 reps with 15 lb. DB’s

Bent-Over (Double Arm) Row

Sagi uses a bench and Chelsea (the girl in tiny red shorts) lays on the ball and uses pretty light DB’s (8’s?).  I stand and bend over (without the ball) because I hate squashing my boobs into the ball.

I do this exercise with 20 lb. DB’s

Alternating Back Lunges

I use 20 lb. DB’s on the first set and then usually do down to 15 lb. DB’s on set 2

The second set always feels like the tempo is much faster than the first set.

Keep your chest tall.  There’s a fine line between going deep in the squat and not slamming your back knee into the floor.  You have to find that sweet spot.

Check out Jen doing this exercise.  She’s a superstar.

Plank Twist Twist

If you’re doing this right you’ll feel it in your obliques.  The pace is faster than you think. The team always finishes before me.

Sagi uses this time (during the first set) to tell the world that Jen ‘didn’t get abs like that sitting around eating bon bons’.  Jen probably hasn’t had a bon bon (or bread) since 1995.  Just saying.

Now REPEAT all four exercises starting with incline press.

Don’t use the exact same weight for every exercise every time you do this routine.  You’ll really see results if you challenge yourself to go up in weight.

Water Break/Write it down


a list of the set 3 round 1 and 2 exercises in Total body
These are the Set 3 Round 1 & 2 exercises

1, 2, 3 Military Press

Tip-Don’t get excited and grab the weights you would normally use to do 15 single reps.  The pattern used in this exercise means you’ll be doing a LOT more than 15 total reps (and the tempo is fast) so you should go down in weight.

I use 8 lb. DB’s on set one and 10 lb. DB’s on set 2 (sometimes I do both sets with 10’s).

For perspective, Sagi uses 55 lb. DB’s but only demos the exercise for a few reps.  Mini Beast does the entire set with 15’s.

You can sit on your stability ball, your bench, a high step, or just stand to do the reps.

Keep your core tight.

Posterior Deltoid Raises

Place your hand on something (the ball, bench, or coffee table) and hold the DB in one hand to do the exercise.  You do one arm at a time.

I use 8 lb. DB’s on set one and 8’s or 10’s on set two (depending on how strong I feel)

Stiff Leg Deadlift

I do the stiff leg deadlift with 25 lb. DB’s (sometimes I use 30’s on set 2)

Don’t lock out your knees.  Form is really important on this exercise.  Look and listen to Sagi.

If you’re not sure how to do this correctly then stay with light weight until you feel confident your form is right.

You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings.  Squeeze your butt at the top of the move like you’re clinching a quarter between your butt cheeks.

Russian Twist

We’ve all seen this on P90X but this time you’ll be holding a DB when you do it.

I hold a 12 lb. DB

Water Break/Write it down


a list of the set 4 round 1 and 2 exercises
These are the Set 4 Round 1 & 2 exercises

Bicep Curl-Up-Hammer Down

I do this exercise with 15 lb. DB’s on both sets.

You can sit on a bench, stability ball, high step, or just stand.

I don’t like sitting on the ball for this exercise because it (the ball) gets in the way.

Tricep Extension Kickbacks

I use a 10 lb. DB for this exercise.  (I think Chelsea is holding a 5 or 8 and Mini Beast is using a 15)

Keep your elbow high.  You’ll do one arm at a time.

Calf Raise-Weight at Shoulders

I’d never done calf raises with the DB’s on my shoulders like this before.  It’s genius.  Make sure your hands are dry and don’t get lazy and decide to rest the DB’s on your temples.  It hurts.  (Yeah, I did it.  Once.  Don’t judge.  No one’s perfect.)

I do this with 20 lb. DB’s

Side Forearm Plank

You’ll do side hip lifts. This is an A+ exercise for your obliques.

If you’ve never done side forearm planks you might wobble around but eventually you’ll figure out how to balance on the sides of your feet.

REPEAT all four exercises in circuit four

Cool Down/Stretch

If you don’t lift weights very often then I suggest you stretch longer than the 1 ½ minutes in this program.  You know how to stretch.  Do what needs to be done.

Now What?

I really like Body Beast Total Body.  Anyone can do this routine by modifying the weights to meet their own fitness level.

Everyone can (and should) add strength training to their current fitness program with Body Beast.

Don’t be intimidated by Sagi.  He’s harmless.

You WILL NOT look like Sagi does by doing Body Beast workouts.

But YOU WILL get leaner and healthier.

You’ll find this routine (Body Beast Total Body) in the Body Beast series by Beachbody or with a membership to Beachbody on Demand.

If you want more information about Beachbody on Demand then read this awesome article, A Review of Beachbody on Demand—5 Reasons to Give it a Try

I love my BOD membership (it’s worth every penny).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Kim says:

    Can I just do Total Body 2 days, run sprints 2 days and stretch 1 day and get toned and in decent shape?
    I prefer full body workouts anyway.

    • Hi Kim! I think someone would most likely see results over the course of a few weeks with that workout plan in place. And you could easily intensify the plan by adding heavier weights when you’re ready. Great question! Best, Mickie

  2. Kimberly says:

    I needed this post like five years ago. I have been doing this program on the floor or standing and wondering if that was okay. I feel so good after doing these workouts. It has been part of my therapy for chronic pain. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this and appreciate all the information.

    • Hi Kimberly! I was so happy to read your message. I think many women are scared to try Body Beast because they assume it’s about bulking up with heavy weights when they see Sagi Kalev. But lifting weights can be therapeutic. The key is to modify it and make it work for you and your unique physical needs and current abilities the way that you’ve done. Thank you for taking the time to share this! ????????

  3. Jessy says:

    Is this a good stand along routine I can do 2-3 days per week?

    • Hi Jessy,

      Are you asking about Body Beast Total Body specifically? Or the entire Body Beast program? As a series, the Body Beast series has several good routines you can use to make a complete home workout program. The focus is muscle-building and sculpting so if that’s your goal then you’ll like Body Beast. If you like cardio in your exercise routine, too then you’ll need to add in a few cardio-focused workouts because Body Beast only has one cardio routine in the series. I hope that answered your question! Have a great day!


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