An Honest Review (and my recommendation) of YogaClub

December 1, 2019

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What is YogaClub?

Yoga Club is a monthly subscription box with workout apparel. But the Yoga Club membership is different than most subscription boxes today because there’s no style fee and you don’t send back anything. It’s all yours. Every month. Let me tell you why you might love this workout clothes subscription box.

This topic was covered on a recent podcast episode of Crunches & Cosmos. You can listen to the episode right here:

I’ve tried out most of the workout clothes subscription services on the market today.

Sadly, I’ve seen several of them close up shop over the last few years.

The field of monthly subscription box services is getting more and more crowded and it’s most likely getting tough to stand out for most companies.

Plus, it’s gotta be tricky to find a way to keep filtering in new customers that will most likely only be around for 3-4 months (which is the average length of time most people stay with a subscription service) and probably never come back.

Let me explain how YogaClub differentiates themselves in the workout clothes subscription service market today. And why I think you should give them a try.

This post may contain Amazon (or other) affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. You can get more information about that here.

How do you sign up for YogaClub?

Signing up for YogaClub is easy peasy (and very much like the other workout clothes subscription services out there today).

You’ll answer questions from their style quiz* so a YogaClub stylist can customize a box of goodies for you. Here’s a sample of some of the questions you can expect to answer. (It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to answer all the questions.)

*Companies change up their style quizzes periodically so yours may look slightly different.

one of the style quiz questions from YogaClub that says what size do you typically wear in athleticwear leggings
a question from the yogaClub style quiz asking which stores you shop at for activewear
a yogaclub style quiz question with pictures of women in activewear asking you to rate the outfits

After you answer all the style quiz questions you’ll go to checkout.

Then YogaClub delivers ‘hand-curated’ workout apparel from high-quality brands to your doorstep every month* (if you pick the standard Guru package) based on the answers you chose in the style quiz.

*Or on a different schedule. More about that below…

How much is it?

As of the day I’m writing this post, these are the pricing options…

You can choose to get 3 pieces of athletic apparel (a complete outfit) every month (usually a pair of leggings and 2 tops). This is called the Guru package and costs $79/month.

You have the option to change your shipping frequency to every 2 months or to a seasonal delivery (every 3 months) with the Guru package (that’s 3 pieces) and it’s still $79/month.

You have a few other ways to buy.

You can sign up for an annual subscription and you’ll get four Guru boxes (one delivered every 3 months, so 4 a year) for $296 (so you’ll save a little money by signing up for the annual plan and paying for all the boxes in advance).

And your final payment option is to buy yourself a gift certificate. Those come in 3 different packages (and are good for a one-time delivery, not an on-going membership).

The first (gift) package is the Guru (like above) and is $75.

The second option, the Karma box, has 2 pieces of apparel (leggings and a top) and is $65.

And the 3rd gift package option is called the Mantra box and has one item, usually a pair of leggings, and costs $45.

What do you get in your box?

One two or 3 pieces (of workout apparel) depending on the package you choose.

You won’t be shipped shoes or workout gear/equipment.

Here’s a peek of what was inside my most recent seasonal Yoga Club box:

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Is it just for yoga?

Nope. YogaClub sends you workout clothes you can use for any kind of exercise.

And they don’t send you workout gear/equipment so you don’t have to worry about getting stuff you don’t need (if you don’t do yoga).

What makes YogaClub different than other workout clothes subscription boxes?

There are 2 things that differentiate YogaClub from other workout clothes subscription box companies.

No style fee and no returns* (or at least the service isn’t designed with returns in mind).

*I’ll explain your return options below.

What brands do you get with YogaClub?

YogaClub specializes in high-end boutique brands like Beyond Yoga, Onzie and Manduka.

What size ranges does YogaClub offer?

YogaClub has a wide size range (and size charts for all the brands on their website).

This is one of my favorite things about this service. They have sizes from XS-3X (depending on the brand).

What if you don’t like what’s in the box?

This program isn’t designed with returns in mind (like StitchFix, for example). When you sign up for a membership you’re signing up to keep everything you get every month (that’s why there’s no style fee).

Ideally, you’ll love everything you get every month (and everything will fit perfectly) and that’ll be it.

But there are options to exchange items that don’t fit (or that you don’t like).

I recommend you read about the exchange policy before you sign up.

What’s the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership through your account settings at anytime. There is a deadline to cancel before you’re charged for the next month’s shipment, though, so make sure you understand that.*

*Read more about the cancellation policy (and other FAQ’s) in the help section of YogaClub.

What I don’t love about YogaClub?

No returns. (If you’re an ‘exchanger’ and don’t hesitate to exchange stuff until you get it right then this won’t bother you.)

But I’m a returner (not an exchanger) so this policy makes me nervous.

I don’t like the idea that I might get stuff that I can’t use (or don’t like) and will need to go through the process of exchanging it to be satisfied. (This policy isn’t a dealbreaker for me, though.)

My recommendation?

I love this program.

I actually like the idea of no style fee. If you’ve ever signed up for any of the other subscription services you know that paying $20-25/month can be annoying if you decide to return everything they send you.

You also don’t have to worry about sending anything back within a deadline (like other monthly workout clothing box programs). That’s nice.

I recommend that you read over the all the details about returns and then try it for a few months.

It’s fun and new workout clothes will keep you motivated to use them. It’s a smart investment.

Plus, everyday activewear is a thing now. You’ll be beefing up your entire wardrobe!

Give it as a gift! Somebody’s gonna love you for that!

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